Features cervical cytology


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

cytological study - an analysis performed using a microscope and based on the study of the cellular composition of tissues, organs and fluids of the patient in normal and pathological processes.Cervical cytologic study can detect changes in the epithelium of endo- and ectocervix, and diagnose cervical cancer and other precancerous disease in its early stages.

Fence material is performed a special brush and spatula.These tools allow to get the greatest number of cervical cells on the surface of the slide without structural changes.The patient does not feel with a pain.

resulting sample is put on a glass slide and a thin layer is processed by special fixing solution.The glass is marked with the location of the fence cellular material (cervical canal, cervix) and names / code, and then sent to the doctor-pathologist.After a detailed study of smear cytology specialist provides a detailed report.

When he appointed?

cytology is considered the f

irst key step in the examination of the cervix.In addition, the method is often used for screening (diagnosis of diseases, carried out on prophylactic examinations) of girls younger than 25 years old, sexually active, and women over 25 years.This study reveals sufficiently early pathological changes occurring in the body at the cellular level.

With cytology can obtain the following information:

  • hormonal changes under the influence of hormone therapy.
  • condition the mesothelium and the epithelium.
  • Hormone patient activity.
  • degree of damage of tumor cells during treatment of malignant neoplasms.

cytology often used during surgery to solve diagnostic problems (detection of metastases or tumor proliferation into the surrounding tissue, confirm the presence of tumor cells, determining the nature of the pathological process, and others.).

How to prepare?

cytological scraping is not advisable to take during menstruation.Research is not carried out in the presence of an inflammatory process of genitals (accompanied by discomfort, yellow or white discharge, burning, itching).In the latter case it is necessary to spend treatment of infection at the beginning.

can not get scrapings for 24 hours after having sex without a condom, and for 2-3 days after the use of Lugol solution or vinegar douches, lubricants (intimate moisturizing gels), spermicides and tampons, vaginal insertion of medications, creams, suppositories, gelsfor ultrasound.

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