When and how is appointed fluorography of lungs ?


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

lung fluorography is a study of the chest with the help of X-rays, which penetrate the lung tissue and transfer pattern of light on film.This procedure is prescribed to persons over the age of eighteen.Routine chest X-ray should not be held more than once a year.This study makes it possible to detect pathological changes in the organs of the chest.

After fluoroscopy to get pictures attached radiologist conclusion that can contain the following wording:

  • Roots tyazhisty (bronchitis or other acute pulmonary disease).
  • roots condensed, expanded (in pneumonia, bronchitis).
  • Increased lung pattern (pneumonia, bronchitis, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases).
  • fibrous tissue (after infection, trauma or surgery in the lung).
  • Focal shadows (pneumonia, tuberculosis).
  • Plevroapikalnye layers (after inflammation in the pleura).
  • Calcinates (in tuberculosis, pneumonia, parasitic diseases).Changes
  • aperture (pleurisy after suffering, illnesses esoph
    agus, liver, stomach or intestines, but also due to hereditary obesity and bad).
  • mediastinum shadow widened (myocarditis, heart failure, hypertension and heart increase).
  • mediastinum shadow offset (lung cancer in the last stage, as well as uneven accumulation of fluid or air in pleural).

In addition, x-rays may reflect age-related changes.Over the years, the lungs lose some of its fabrics, the number of alveoli and lung capillaries is reduced, and there are other age-related changes.

Since the chest organs absorb radiation differently, the picture looks uneven.Bronchioles, bronchi and heart of the picture displaying bright spots.If a person has healthy lungs, the chest X-ray will show the lung tissue of uniform and homogeneous.

When he appointed?

fluorography light prescribed in the following cases:

  • checkup.
  • diagnosis of inflammatory lung diseases.
  • study of lung tissue.
  • detection of abscesses, cavities and cysts in the lungs.
  • Identify metastasis.
  • diagnosis of malignant tumors in the lungs.
  • detection of foreign objects in the lungs.
  • TB diagnosis.
  • Identifying Problems with lymph nodes.
  • Detection sclerosis and fibrosis.

also for the detection of tuberculosis chest X-rays are required to undergo an annual persons working in the health facilities, various clinics, TB clinic, maternity hospitals, grocery stores, schools, kindergartens and other public institutions.

How to prepare?

fluorography of lungs does not require special preparation of the patient.Before the examination, doctors recommend not overeat, as a full stomach can change the position of the diaphragm, which has a negative impact on the results of the study.

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