How is ultrasound of the kidneys and how to prepare for it ?


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

renal ultrasound is used to detect the presence of stones, cancer, cysts, topographical variations in the placement of the kidneys.In general, this study can be carried out in the form of Doppler ultrasound or ultrasonography (ultrasound).

Ultrasonic Doppler allows to examine the process of circulation in the blood vessels of the kidneys.The basis of this method is based on the Doppler effect, the essence of which is that reflected by blood cells of the ultrasonic wave frequency different from the frequency of the wave emitted by the sensor device.The difference between these frequencies is automatically marked, and the resulting data is displayed graphically on the display.

Ultrasonography is used to determine the diffuse changes in renal parenchyma, the presence of stones and tumors, topography violations.The method consists in the fact that the ultrasonic waves pass freely through the liquid and are reflected from the boundaries of the i

nvestigated bodies.

When he appointed?

Indications for ultrasound of the kidneys are:

  • Violation of urination, pain or discomfort in the lumbar region.
  • High blood pressure with frequent headaches.
  • Changing the number, color and character of urine.
  • Finding large amounts of salts in the urine.
  • presence of peripheral edema, puffy face, pastosity eyelids, swelling of the legs.
  • Endocrine diseases.
  • damage the lumbar region.
  • kidney transplantation.
  • fever, weakness, chills, pain in the lower back radiating to the thigh and groin.

US children assigned in order of scheduled scan to rule out congenital abnormalities of organs.

renal ultrasound should be postponed in the case in the abdomen apply a sterile dressing or have open wounds.Also, this study should be conducted not earlier than one day after the x-ray diagnosis bowel barium.

How to prepare?

ultrasonic waves pass through the well fluid, but the study is not possible in the presence of a large amount of air in the abdominal cavity.Therefore, preparation of the patient to the ultrasound diagnosis of kidneys involves the release of intestinal gases and toxins.

Three days before the upcoming study of patients should be excluded from the diet of black bread, fresh milk, potatoes, raw fruits and vegetables, sweets, sprouts.Over the three days required to take activated charcoal (1 tablet per 10 kg body weight), or other chelators, which reduce the symptoms of flatulence in the intestine.Dinner on the eve of the study should take place no later than 19 hours and to be as light as possible.After it should be put to use cleansing enema or glycerin candle with laxative effect (especially if you have constipation).Directly on the day of performance diagnostics drink and food intake are not limited.

In many cases examination of the kidneys are doing in conjunction with other US, for example, in parallel with the examination of the bladder or the abdominal organs.In this case it requires the same preparation, but the research is carried out on an empty stomach, so in the morning the day of diagnosis can not eat anything.

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