How is fetal ultrasound and how to prepare?


1. whether ultrasound is harmful to the fetus?

2. When appointed?

3. How to prepare?

fetal ultrasound to determine possible deviations in the development of the child before birth.The study on the woman's abdomen installed sensor or transducer that produces sound waves of high frequency.The human ear can not hear them, but they can easily penetrate into the body and are reflected by its organs.Different tissues reflect the signal at different speeds, then it returns back to the transducer, which redirects them to a special apparatus.This device analyzes the rate of return waves and transforms the difference in speeds in the image that is displayed on the monitor.This image sees the doctor and can draw conclusions about the correct development of the fetus.

first ultrasound usually given between 10-14 weeks.This study reveals an ectopic and molar pregnancies - a very dangerous disease, which not only make it impossible for the development of pregnancy, but also endanger the li

ves of women.Ultrasound in the first trimester can accurately determine the time of pregnancy, noted a number of gross deformities in the fetus or the presence of multiple pregnancy.

second trimester fetal ultrasound to evaluate its development, matching the size of the baby gestational age, condition of the placenta.Also in this period can be seen almost any congenital malformations, we can consider the structure of all the organs, bones, and variations in them.That is why the US is particularly important to hold the fetus in the second trimester.In the event of serious deviations doctors may suggest abortion.Also in this period can be seen clear signs of child sexual identity.

In the third trimester ultrasound is usually performed to assess fetoplacental complex.The doctor evaluates the condition of the placenta and fetal development, with significant deviations can be suspected intrauterine growth retardation.Also in this period revealed some deviations in development that were previously not visible.Some conditions require timely medical intervention or treatment of the child immediately after birth.

whether ultrasound is harmful to the fetus?

Many women wonder if ultrasound is harmful to the fetus?There is no evidence that ultrasound is harmful to the fetus, but it is not necessary to carry out this study unnecessarily.If there are no signs of threatened abortion (bleeding, pain, etc.), it is sufficient to conduct a 3-planned procedures throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

When appointed?

fetal ultrasound during pregnancy is recommended to take three times.Once in each trimester.The first is carried out between 10 and 14 weeks of pregnancy, a second study - between 20-24 weeks, the third held between 32 and 34 weeks.If one of the studies found some problems, it may recommend to repeat.Sometimes, problem pregnancies, the number of studies with ultrasound may be close to ten.

How to prepare?

This study does not require almost no preparation.Usually only women are asked to visit the office of ultrasonic diagnostics drink at least a liter of water, because the study is best done with the full bladder, it increases its informative value.

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