Liver scintigraphy : dynamic and static methods


1. When appointed?

2. Contraindications

3. How to prepare?

liver scintigraphy - diagnostics of the reticuloendothelial system of the liver, which is performed in order to determine the size and body shape, as well as violations of the anatomical and morphological structure in hepatitis, cirrhosis, tumors and other diseases.There are two ways to study: static and dynamic scintigraphy of the liver.

Static scintigraphy is performed in the following sequence: a patient intravenously administered small doses of radioactive pharmaceuticals (radiopharmaceuticals).At the same time during the trial, he is in the supine position.Marker accumulates in the liver, its radiation is gamma camera is fixed, but the human body has a serious impact.One hour after injection starts scanning body.Duration of treatment is determined by a specialist, depending on the diagnosis, the patient's age and research tasks.Usually study takes 20-30 minutes.Results may be obtained after 15-30 minutes after


dynamic scintigraphy carried out as follows: the patient is placed under a gamma camera, then injected it intravenously radioactive drug.As in the first case during diagnosis examinee lying on her back.Scanning begins immediately after isotope injection and lasts 60 minutes.The first half of the procedure is performed on an empty stomach, and 30 minutes after the start of diagnosis the patient is taking choleretic breakfast.Within 15-30 minutes after the scan the doctor gives the results of the study.In rare cases, there is need for delayed examination, which is performed in an hour.

Both surveys are conducted on an outpatient basis.After the procedure, the patient can return to the familiar life.

When he appointed?

assigned static scintigraphy to determine the number of functioning tissue and focal liver lesions, the differential diagnosis of liver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, as well as to detect blood diseases.Moreover, when static scintigraphy experts can monitor the status in progressive liver disease and the treatment.

dynamic scintigraphy assigned to identify the gallbladder dyskinesia, chologenic study of liver function, diagnosis of metabolic and inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder and liver.In addition, the procedure allows for the differential diagnosis of hepatocellular and obstructive jaundice (determining the level of bile duct obstruction and violation zhelcheottoka), and check the patient for the presence of malformations of the biliary system and the symptoms of gastrointestinal reflux of bile.


static and dynamic scintigraphy of the liver is not recommended in the presence of allergy to light, as well as pregnant women (regardless of maturity).In addition, mothers are not allowed to breast-feed the baby for two days after the diagnosis, since radioactive substances can be displayed in breast milk.Also contraindicated is the serious condition of the patient.

unacceptable to perform dynamic scintigraphy of the liver after endoscopic procedures and radiopaque.I wanted to take a break of 1-2 weeks.

How to prepare?

static scintigraphy procedure does not require special training.For dynamic scintigraphy, the patient should bring two raw chicken egg (cholagogue breakfast).

In attendance at the examination the patient is desirable in itself to have the results of previously conducted studies ray (CT, X-ray and medical records (outpatient card, extract from the medical history, the conclusions of experts, etc.).

Before examining the patient should empty the bladder.

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