How is the semen , which means its performance ?


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

Semen or sperm analysis - is a laboratory method for the study of the ejaculate to assess male sperm's ability to fertilize.Semen is not only helps determine the ability of male fertility, but is one of the most important methods used for the diagnosis of urological diseases.

During the study assessed the concentration, shape and motility, as well as qualitative and quantitative indicators of sperm morphology.The analysis is performed in the laboratory with a microscope.

ejaculate for analysis are collected in a special sterile container.In many clinics for this purpose equip special premises with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, where left men's magazines.

Typically, such an analysis pass once, but if the doctor finds any abnormalities, it may appoint a second procedure in 1-2 weeks.If a semen analysis done to determine hormonal or inflammatory disease, repeated tests can help in assessing the effectiveness of treatment.

main indicator of sperm - sperm count per 1 ml of ejaculate.If in a given volume of less than 20 million, that significantly reduces the possibility of fertilization.If there are more than 120 million - is too bad, because with such a high concentration of male seed cells will be harder to get to the goal.

is important to determine the number of live sperm.If they are less than half - is an alarming sign.In addition, motility is evaluated that indicates how quickly they can get to the egg.The normal rates in 60-70% of active spermatozoa.

presence of white blood cells in a sample, and a tendency to stick together sperm indicates diseases of the reproductive system.

semen parameters compared with the reference values ​​obtained in a survey of a large number of young men who for years could conceive a child with their partner.But this does not mean that, if a man in spermogramme there are deviations, then it will not be able to conceive a child.Much depends on the characteristics of the organism, both men and women, so take spermogrammu just for fun is not worth it.Do this only when there are real problems with health or conceiving.

When he appointed?

spermogrammu most often prescribed to men who are in a childless marriage for identifying male factor infertility.In addition, semen is indicated for male inability to conceive associated with varicocele, prostatitis, trauma, infection or hormonal disorders.This survey is conducted and in preparation for in vitro fertilization or ICSI.

Letting semen is recommended for those men who have found inflammatory diseases in the urinary system, such as vesicles, prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis.

How to prepare?

Spermogram requires lengthy preparation.First of all, it is recommended strict abstinence for a period of two days to a week.In addition, at this time not to consume alcohol and drugs, as well as to visit bath or sauna.It is not recommended to be tested during the ARD or other conditions involving high temperatures.

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