Features of the method of the survey Sonoelastography


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

Sonoelastography is a unique ultrasonic technology of diagnosis of the tumor process, which makes it possible to visualize three-dimensional tumors, accurately determine the size of the tumor, as well as the extent of the (invasion) into the surrounding tissue.Detection of cancer diseases at an early stage and timely remedial measures greatly increase the chances of a full recovery.

Using this procedure, such bodies can be examined, as the breast, colon, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, prostate, thyroid, bladder, soft tissue, superficial tissues, as well as lymph nodes.The greatest use of this technology is in the early diagnosis of oncological diseases.Held above study using ultrasound scanner, which is equipped with sonoelastograficheskim module.

Hardness and high density neoplasms are indicators of its malignancy.This principle is the basis Sonoelastography.This study is carried out during a routine ultrasound.With the help of a small

mechanical compression and ultrasonic waves doctor determines the degree of deformation of the tissue of an organ.Under the influence of the ultrasonic signal quantitative and qualitative changes of normal organ tissue structures are calculated with the help of quantitative indicators and are recognized as a color scale.Malignant neoplasms are presented on a computer monitor areas intensely blue, and benign - patches of green or red.In short, Sonoelastography allows not only to detect the tumor, but also to establish its nature.The above procedure is harmless, accurate and simple.Study duration ranges from twenty to thirty minutes.

Sonoelastography has the following advantages: high diagnostic accuracy in identifying the nature of the lesions, reducing the number of punctures, small-time costs.

When he appointed?

Indications for Sonoelastography mammary glands are:

  • presence of inflammatory infiltrate.
  • differential diagnosis between fibroadenoma and cyst with dense contents.
  • presence of palpable tumors in the gland, which requires clarification of its nature.
  • presence of palpable tumors in the prostate to determine the nature of the changes.
  • Assessment of regional lymph nodes.

Indications for Sonoelastography thyroid are:

  • presence of palpable tumors in the gland to clarify its nature.
  • Examination of regional lymph nodes.

Indications for prostate Sonoelastography:

  • Differential diagnosis between tumor and inflammatory changes in the prostate.
  • monitoring the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • refinement in tumor volume in the prostate gland.
  • Assessment of the seminal vesicles and the prostate capsule.
  • location Search tumors in the prostate tissue.

Indications for Sonoelastography bladder are:

  • presence of tumors in the bladder.
  • Determination of bladder tumor stage.
  • Clarification location of the tumor.

Indications for soft tissue Sonoelastography:

  • Search liquid structures.
  • Search tendon rupture and muscle.
  • Search necrosis zones.
  • Differential diagnosis of inflammatory, cystic and neoplastic processes.

Indications for colon Sonoelastography considered:

  • Availability formation of unknown origin.
  • Diagnostics paraproctitis.

Sonoelastography indications to the female genital organs are:

  • presence of an ovarian cyst of unknown etiology.
  • endometrial hyperplastic defeat.
  • Differential diagnosis between benign and malignant tumors of the female genital organs.
  • Endometrial cancer or cervical cancer.
  • Clarification or exclusion of ectopic pregnancy.

How to prepare?

Sonoelastography specific preparation of the patient is not required.The only thing that the patient has to bring to the process - a small towel and wipes (to wipe the gel from the skin).

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