What is a sigmoidoscopy and how it is carried out ?


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

sigmoidoscopy is an endoscopic examination, during which examined the mucosal layer of the line, as well as the distal sigmoid colon.The survey is carried out using a special instrument called a sigmoidoscopy.This device is a tube equipped with a lighting, lenses and a device for air injection.The tube diameter of 2 cm, and the length ranges from 25 to 32 centimeters.At the present time the above procedure is widely used in the medical field to detect bowel disease.

Sigmoidoscopy gives an opportunity to examine the intestinal mucosal layer for 15-30 cm from the anus, and to identify various pathologies.In addition, the procedure used for the biopsy.Very often, this manipulation is carried out before the other studies of the intestine (colonoscopy, barium enema).

Sigmoidoscopy is performed in a specially equipped room.In most cases, it is performed without the use of painkillers.In some cases, physicians have resorted to local anesthesia.As

for intravenous anesthesia, it is used very rarely.

Before manipulation of the doctor performs a digital rectal examination.During this study, the patient's position may be lying on the left side or the knee-elbow.After a rich mineral oil lubrication the anus sigmoidoscopy tube inserted into the rectum to 4-5 centimeters.Then pumped air into the instrument tube.The above manipulation is performed under direct vision.At a height of 12-14 centimeters is intestinal bend, so during the procedure the patient is required for the maximum relaxation of the further device.

During the procedure the patient may complain of pain and discomfort in the abdomen.If manipulation is extremely painful, then it stopped.Liquid stool, mucus and blood are removed by electric pumps.Sigmoidoscopy allows you to not only view the mucosal layer of rectum and sigmoid, and a biopsy, as well as some medical procedures.

When he appointed?

main indications for sigmoidoscopy are:

  • violations stool (diarrhea, prolonged constipation, change the nature of the chair);
  • pus or mucus from the rectum;
  • intestinal bleeding;
  • chronic hemorrhoids;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the rectum;
  • suspected oncologic pathology sigmoid or rectum;
  • suspected prostate cancer;
  • suspected tumor of one of the pelvic organs;
  • training to other intestinal Research (colonoscopy, barium enema).

also make medspetsialisty sigmoidoscopy is recommended to patients suffering from colon polyps (to remove these structures endoscopically).

How to prepare?

Before you make a sigmoidoscopy, the patient is required to undergo specific training, which includes dietary regimen and the bowel clean.Within one or two days before the test the patient should be excluded from the diet of roughage, vegetables and fruits.This manipulation should be carried out on an empty stomach.

As for intestinal cleansing, it is carried out in different ways: with a special micro enema laxative effect, cleansing enemas, laxatives (eg, Fleet, Forlaks, Fortrans, Duphalac and so on.).Cleaning the bowel is usually done 30-40 minutes before the procedure.

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