The use of peak flow method for bronchial asthma


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

method of functional studies, with which you can calculate the maximum or peak expiratory flow rate of air, carried out by the patient, called a peak flow meter.This method helps to determine the level of narrowing of the bronchi in the home.Often, when a decrease in peak flow expiratory flow rate allows the patient to take action even before his condition worsens.

Such a diagnosis is carried out by a special handheld device - a peak flow meter, having a form of a small tube equipped with a graduated shkaloy.Suschestvuyut devices intended for adults and for children.Diagnosis is performed using a peak flow meter several times a day, after which the results the patient should be noted in your schedule.Thus, observing the dynamics of indicators can determine the characteristics of the disease.

For the manipulation of the patient must take a standing position or sitting.First trebuetsyavypolnit2-3 inhalation and exhalation, and then make a dee

p breath.In this case the patient should be tight enough to clasp his lips the mouthpiece of the device, and then quickly exhale in nego.Eti same procedure should be repeated again in a few minutes, after which the three obtained values ​​select the maximum.

When he appointed?

peak flow is assigned primarily for the objective assessment of the effectiveness of therapeutic meropriyatiy.Esli performed by measuring the peak flow patient sees that it is increasing, it indicates that the prescribed treatment effectively.If the index does not change, then spent therapy does not bring the position effect, and should strengthen or change treatment.Ultimately, such decisions must take expert, but the patient also needs to navigate the changes in these indicators.

peak flow also need to monitor the state of the bronchi.This study helps to quickly identify their progressive narrowing (ie, acute onset of disease).With peak flow physician can determine which figure is normal for the patient and for what values ​​need to change treatment.In turn, the patient will be able to understand when to seek immediate medical attention.

In addition, the tool helps the patient self-control to establish the laws of his illness.So many people are suffering from bronchial asthma, knows that even in good health may be some changes in breathing (asthma attacks).Moreover, to identify the cause of their appearance sometimes quite difficult.Through daily or hourly observation with a peak flow meter, while noting what food is used, any medication taken, the conditions in which the patient is located, you can manually determine the factors that trigger asthma attacks.

How to prepare?

special preparation for the peak flow is not required.The only thing you need to do is:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry your hands before manipulation.
  • If the procedure is assigned to the child, parents should explain to him the purpose and course of study.

Since the peak flow meter - the device for personal use, it must be clean before use.

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