Indications for breast MRI and patient preparation


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

3. Contraindications

Magnetic resonance imaging of breast diagnostics is a modern method which has many advantages.MRI makes it possible to study in detail the structure of the breast, as well as discover all pathological processes.MRI compared with ultrasound and X-ray mammography is more accurate and reliable research.Informative Breast MRI does not depend on such factors as:

  • post-radiation fibrosis;
  • presence of scars;
  • severity of fibrocystic breast;
  • density of breast tissue.

Currently, magnetic resonance imaging is the main method of monitoring the state of the implants after reconstructive or cosmetic mammoplasty.In addition, MRI is the most accurate method of diagnosing breast diseases in middle-aged women with a high probability of breast cancer.

In most cases, breast magnetic resonance imaging is a diagnostic method of clarifying when an ultrasound or X-ray mammography.Breast MRI is performed, usually with contrast.

For the most informative examination, it is desirable to carry out a 7 to 12 day menstrual cycle (the first phase).If a woman is in menopause or post-menopausal, this study can be carried out at any time.

When he appointed?

main indications for breast MRI appointment are:

  • Differential diagnosis of previously identified breast tumors (benign or malignant).
  • detection of recurrence of breast cancer after prosthetics.
  • Diagnostics and synchronous multicenter breast cancer (in order to select the most optimal treatment).
  • Differential diagnosis of post-radiation fibrosis, breast cancer recurrence and postoperative scarring.
  • Differential diagnosis of tumors that were found after conservative treatment of breast cancer.
  • Evaluation tumors before surgery.

Using magnetic resonance imaging can obtain information on the presence of hematomas, cysts, extensions of the milk ducts, as well as the density of the tissue and implant leakage.In addition, breast MRI can detect an increase in lymph node armpits, find the exact location of the cancer and evaluates its size.

How to prepare?

before breast MRI patient can adhere to a standard routine.Restrictions in there are no power.If the study will be conducted with the use of contrast medium, the woman before the procedure should be mandatory to inform the doctor about the presence of a particular allergy.Also, the patient is obliged to inform the radiologist about all the surgeries, chronic diseases, and possible pregnancy.

Immediately before the test in a room for changing the patient should remove outer clothing and put on a hospital gown.As for metal objects (jewelry, hair pins, watches, dentures, hearing aid), credit cards and mobile phones, all these things also remain in the dressing room.

Contraindications Absolute contraindications to breast MRI are:

  • presence of ferromagnetic, metal and electronic implants;
  • presence in the body of large metal structures;
  • presence of insulin pump;
  • presence neurostimulator and pacemaker;
  • transferred trauma eyes.

Relative contraindications to the implementation of magnetic resonance imaging of breast considered:

  • first trimester of pregnancy;
  • claustrophobia;
  • prosthetic heart valves;
  • severe pain.

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