When and how to carry out prescribed MRI of the lungs and bronchi ?


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

3. Contraindications

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the lung and bronchus is one of the most accurate methods for the diagnosis of inflammatory processes that affect the lung tissue, bronchi, lymphoid tissue and lymph nodes.Furthermore, the study makes it possible to obtain complete information and important for the detection of tumors by assessing their structure, dimensions, and also the degree of germination in organs, tissues, and vessels that are close.

main advantage of MRI of the respiratory system is that the study allows you to take pictures in a few projections - direct, lateral and horizontal, which makes it possible to quickly and accurately assess the condition of the lungs and bronchi.Three-dimensional image helps the doctor to choose the effective treatment and to make a further prediction.Early diagnosis of lung cancer and tuberculosis significantly increases the chances of recovery.

apparatus for magnetic resonance

imaging is a cylindrical tube, which is surrounded by the magnet.Inside the tube there is a movable table on which the patient during the study.The scanner and the computer system that processes the images placed in an adjoining room.

procedure MRI consists of a set of images series.The duration of the lungs and bronchi MRI varies from 45 to 60 minutes.After the end of the study radiologist asks the patient to wait for the completion of the analysis of the images, as they may need additional shots.

When he appointed?

MRI of the lungs and bronchi is prescribed in the following situations:

  • Increased intrathoracic nodes.
  • chronic pleurisy.
  • suspected tuberculosis.
  • Volume mediastinal tumors.
  • Suspected tumor.
  • inflammatory process with pulmonary involvement.
  • planning surgery on the respiratory organs and control of lung condition after surgery.

How to prepare?

Before starting the MRI lungs and bronchi patient must inform the doctor about the presence of diseases, as well as allergic reactions.If the patient suffers from claustrophobia or strong waves before the test, then the prophylactic premedication with light sedation.

Before the procedure, the patient removes the clothes and puts on a hospital gown.As for jewelry, metal products, watches, hairpins, dentures, hearing aids and glasses, all of these items before beginning the study the patient should be removed.MRI of the lung and bronchus is impossible to carry out those with built-in pacemakers, cochlear implants and metal devices installed inside the vessels.

If the patient is in the body or has an electronic medical device, it must inform the radiologist, as these devices affect the course of the study.If the patient has in his body metallic elements that were in the body by accident, before MRI respiratory organs, he must undergo X-ray examination.

The fairer sex are obliged to warn about a possible pregnancy radiologist.Magnetic resonance imaging is prescribed to pregnant women only if the benefits of the above-mentioned procedures outweigh the possible risks.

Contraindications The main contraindications to MRI of the lungs and bronchi are:

  • Severe chronic diseases in the stage of decompensation.
  • Inadequate mental behavior.
  • presence in a patient of a foreign metal body, pacemaker, medical or electronic device, as well as designs for osteosynthesis.

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