Indications for MRI of the brain and prepare for study


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) relates to non-invasive investigations.MRI is based on the use of high-frequency pulses, strong magnetic fields and the computer system, which together makes it possible to obtain high-quality image of the internal organs in the projection.Apparatus for MRI is a solid cylindrical tube surrounded by a magnet.Inside there is a sliding table.The computer system, with the scanner is located in the neighboring room.

Currently, magnetic resonance imaging is the most sensitive method of brain imaging.Today, MRI of the head and is conducted on an outpatient basis in a hospital.Before the procedure, a radiologist assistant puts the patient on a movable table and secures the position of the body by means of special rollers and belts.Around the head he places devices that send and receive radio waves.Sometimes, before the study nurse enters the patient a contrast agent into the vein.

After all the preparations sliding

table moves the patient into the magnet.Before the procedure, the entire medical staff and radiologist leave office.MRI duration usually lasts 45 minutes.After the examination the doctor may be asked to wait until the completion of the analysis of the images, as they may need additional shots.

When he appointed?

brain MRI performed for the diagnosis of the following states:

  • pituitary pathology.
  • Disorders of brain development.
  • malignant and benign brain tumors.
  • Stroke.
  • Chronic diseases of the nervous system (eg, multiple sclerosis).
  • cerebrovascular pathology.
  • diseases of the inner ear and the eye.

addition, magnetic resonance imaging of the brain is assigned to determine the cause of headaches as well as in traumas.

How to prepare?Before starting

brain MRI nurse may ask the patient to put on a hospital gown.With regard to recommendations concerning the admission of fluid and food prior to the procedure, they depend on the rules of the diagnostic center, which conducted the above study.In most cases, patients are allowed to adhere to the usual mode of the day.

If brain MRI requires the use of a contrast agent, the patient should inform a nurse and a doctor-radiologist of the presence of an allergy to a particular drug.In addition, the doctor must know about all the diseases that afflict the patient, and the recently undergone surgical intervention.

If we talk about the fairer sex, they are before the MRI of the brain should alert the radiologist about a possible pregnancy.In the presence of anxiety or claustrophobia patient sedation is administered prior to the study.

As for jewelery, dentures, hearing aids, watches, glasses and hairpins, they are before the magnetic resonance imaging is best removed.

forbidden to take the following devices brain MRI patients:

  • cochlear implant.
  • Integrated pacemaker.
  • metal device inside the vessel.
  • clips used for brain aneurysms.

In this regard, before the magnetic resonance imaging patient must inform the doctor about the presence in the bodies of the electronic and medical devices.Persons who are in your body, metal objects, you must first go through x-ray.

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