How is the computed tomography ( CT) scan of the pelvis ?


1. When appointed?

2. How to prepare?

3. Contraindications

Computed tomography (CT) scan of the pelvis is one of the most reliable methods of studying the bones and organs of the zone.This procedure makes it possible to study in detail all the pelvic organs in the form of bundle of photographs.

CT of the pelvis and is widely used in the diagnosis of urological and gynecological diseases, trauma, vascular disease and other diseases.The pictures can be traced in detail the structure of the prostate, uterus, appendages, as well as the structure of the bladder, rectum, and the final part of the ureter.CT scan reveals damage to the pelvic organs and the tumor.Also, this procedure determines the prevalence and severity of the inflammatory process, the nature of congenital abnormalities, the presence of pus, blood, or fluid in the pelvis, the size and location of the pelvic organs.

main advantages of pelvic computed tomography:

  • ability to obtain high-quality images of organs to
    the smallest detail.
  • perfect display of hollow organs.
  • minimal time.
  • It is a painless, safe and reliable method of diagnosis.

CT of the pelvis is held in the following order:

  1. The patient lies on the examination table, the couch on her back.
  2. contrast If necessary it is administered intravenously.
  3. patient was asked to lie down motionless.
  4. diagnostic table, the couch is pushed into the scanner.
  5. During scanning, the table with the patient constantly moving, and around, making noise, rotate the device ring.

During the survey scanned all the organs inside the pelvis.

When he appointed?

Common indications for pelvic computed tomography purpose are:

  • Pain in the pelvic region of unknown etiology.
  • Damage and pelvic bone disease.
  • Suspected tumors.
  • Staging and prevalence of colorectal cancer.
  • Dynamic examination after radiotherapy or surgical treatment of rectal cancer.
  • urinary tract diseases.
  • pelvic injuries.

CT pelvic men held in the following cases:

  • diagnosis of prostatitis.
  • Staging of cancer of the prostate.

Indications for CT of small pelvis in women are:

  • disease pelvic inflammatory nature.
  • Differential diagnosis of ovarian and uterine tumors.
  • Staging cancer of the uterus, bladder, urethra, cervix and vagina.

How to prepare?

Preparation for CT of the pelvis is not complicated.Two days before the examination the patient should give up foods that cause flatulence.If he suffers from flatulence, the hour and a half to research it is necessary to take a drug that reduces bloating.On the day of examination of medical experts recommend not to eat food.Immediately before RT patient must moderately filled bladder.

If the CT will be carried out with contrast, the patient before the procedure is obliged to inform the doctor about the presence of allergic reactions and serious diseases.

Contraindications Contraindications to the pelvic computed tomography are:

  • serious condition of the patient;
  • pregnancy;
  • overweight (over 120 kg).

Contraindications to pelvic CT with contrast:

  • renal failure.
  • allergic reaction to iodine or iodine-containing drugs;
  • breastfeeding (child must be weaned for two days).

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