Features of computed tomography (CT ) of the liver


1. When appointed?

2. Contraindications

3. How to prepare?

One of the most accurate and reliable methods for the diagnosis of liver disease is computed tomography.The essence is to study liver irradiation with X-rays, the intensity of which is measured after passing through the tissue.The information obtained after processing by a computer is projected on the screen of the device in the form of two-dimensional image.CT to diagnose liver and obstructive subdiaphragmatic abscess, swelling of the body, as well as bruising and cysts.

procedure is as follows: first, the patient is placed on a special X-ray table, mounted under the arch of the scanner.Then made a series of images of the transverse layers of the liver and other abdominal organs.The data are processed by computer and preobrazuyutsyav tomography, which are displayed on the device monitor.Expert analyzes ready tomography, noting deviations from the norm and making their detailed descriptions.At the end of the diagnosi

s of CT photographed or recorded on video for long-term storage.

In most cases, carried out CT scans of the liver with contrast agent, administered intravenously.After contrast injection, you should wait until it is evenly distributed throughout the liver, and then perform a series of body shots again.This enables diagnostics clearly visualize border bodies that are in the test zone.In the presence of anomalies and neoplasms contrast helps accurately determine their density and dimensions.

After the end of the study the patient can return to the normal rhythm of life.

When he appointed?

Make CT liver is recommended for the following indications:

  • Parasitic diseases and other processes in the liver (hemangioma calcification, parasitic cysts, etc.).
  • Differential diagnosis between malignant and benign tumors.
  • Pathology of the gallbladder and liver.
  • Preoperative study.
  • Identify trauma.
  • Suspected liver damage blood vessels (eg, portal vein thrombosis).
  • Diagnosis and assessment of the possibility of metastasis and removal of primary tumors in the liver.
  • Diagnosis of postoperative complications: a violation of perfusion (blood supply), the presence of abscesses, hematomas, Bill and other changes.
  • If you can not do ultrasound diagnostics with excess fat in the study area.


Computed tomography of the liver as well as any other body is contraindicated in pregnant women because the effects of radiation on the developing fetus may be adversely affected his health in the future.Also, do not carry out a liver CT with contrast to patients suffering from serious diseases of the kidneys and liver, as well as allergies to seafood and iodine.

How to prepare?

Special preparations for liver imaging is not necessary, if not intended to supplement the study contrast.If CT liver performed with intravenous contrast agent, the patient should be warned about the possibility of the appearance or taste of the metal salt in mouth, feelings of heat and discomfort at the injection substance.Prior to this diagnosis is not recommended to eat food, so as not to experience nausea.

should also explain to the patient that he should hold his breath when he was asked to do so during the procedure, and lie still.Restlessness distorts the results of the study and significantly extends its.When urticaria, headache, nausea or vomiting, the examinee must immediately inform your doctor.

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