Features of liver biopsy


1. When appointed?

2. Contraindications

3. How to prepare?

Puncture liver biopsy - a method of research, which is carried out during his lifetime fence tissue (biopsy) or cells from the body for diagnostic purposes.This procedure is mandatory for determining the presence of cancer.

The method consists in the fact that a special needle is performed puncture of the skin, subcutaneous soft tissue and liver under ultrasound apparatus or equipment for X-ray, and then made a fence material for research.Liver resulting fragment is placed on the glass and examined under a microscope.Needle biopsy of the liver - a rather painful procedure, so always use a local anesthetic.Often, you need to complete removal of the malignancy, so a biopsy is both therapeutic measures.If the remote education is benign, the patient's recovery occurs, for example, in addressing non-malignant polyps.

When he appointed?

Performing a liver biopsy is required in suspected pathology, the diagnosis of which

can not be set fully or reliably by other diagnostic methods.Typically, this cancer.It is also an indication for liver biopsy is suspected malignancy, chronic hepatitis, non-alcoholic steatosis or alcoholic liver disease, hepatosplenomegaly of unknown etiology, intrahepatic cholestasis.Additionally, this study is required to determine the characteristics of the disease and severity of body (and hence the correction for the therapy).

Contraindications Absolute contraindications to liver biopsy are:

  • bleeding tendency.
  • biliary hypertension, includingcholangitis with biliary symptoms of hypertension.
  • tense ascites.
  • purulent processes in the pleural and abdominal cavity, liver.
  • coma.
  • infected lesions of the skin at the puncture site (furunculosis, pyoderma).
  • Mental disorders in a patient.
  • hemorrhagic diathesis.
  • Symptoms of severe portal hypertension.presence of focal lesions (cysts, tumors, hemangiomas)

also an absolute contraindication for liver biopsy is intended.In this case, the target biopsy using ultrasound.

How to prepare?

Before the manipulation required laboratory and instrumental examination of the patient.It should include a complete blood count with measurement of platelets, coagulation, Rh factor, blood group, HIV, PB.

Also on the eve of the research necessary to make ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal organs, which will help determine the anatomical and topographical relations with nearby organs, the anatomical structure of the liver, to specify its size and location of the gallbladder, to identify the presence of focal lesions.Such training will help prevent possible damage to the blood vessels in the gate of the gallbladder, liver and other internal organs.

should discontinue the use of drugs that increase the risk of bleeding prior to liver biopsy.In addition, the doctor must be notified about the reception of anticoagulants.

Seven days before the biopsy is required to stop taking the drugs, which include aspirin, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs (Motrin, Ibuprofen, Indocin, etc.).Your doctor will explain when it will be possible to resume the reception of these medicines.

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