Blood on the Rh factor - evidence and conduct


1. What is Rh factor?

2. Why do we need a blood test for the Rh factor?

3. Indications for analysis

4. Preparing for analysis

5. how to conduct a blood test for the Rh factor?

About this characteristic as her blood group knows everything, even special diets for different blood groups create.But as the Rh factor, there is the awareness of the people is much lower.Not all are, what it is and what it is determined.Most often with blood tests on rhesus surrender to face expectant mothers.Very many pregnant women are prescribed to be tested for antibody titers, which will determine the level of antibodies to the Rh himself.

What is Rh factor?

Rh factor (Rh) are a special protein, which is located on the surface of human red blood cell.But he has not at all.The people with whom he has referred to as Rh-positive and the majority of such people.And people who do not have this protein, called Rhesus negative, and they are in the minority.Approximately 85 percent of the popula

tion of the Earth five this protein is present in the blood.

Rhesus factor is inherited and is a genetically determined trait.The presence or absence of this protein can cause problems during pregnancy, if the mother is absent, and the fetus is.That is why the analysis on rhesus mostly have to do with pregnancy or even in its planning stage.

Why do we need a blood test for the Rh factor?

If a woman's body is no Rh protein, and in the body of the fetus it is, this may adversely affect the pregnancy and even lead to its termination.Therefore it is very important time to conduct a blood test for Rh during pregnancy.

If Rh-negative woman bears a Rh-positive child, her body can perceive it as an enemy because of differences in the structure of the red blood cell and begin to produce antibodies to the Rh and, accordingly, to the child, trying to get rid of it.If abortion does not occur, women are beginning to antibodies cross the placenta, destroying red blood cells kid.This causes jaundice, can also damage the brain of the unborn child.This fetal liver and spleen begin to produce more red blood cells to compensate for their losses and greatly increased in size.Gradually, the embryo can develop anemia, which leads to disruption of its development or death.

Blood Test for Rh during pregnancy to determine fetal Rh-affiliation and, if necessary, in time to begin to monitor the titer of antibodies.After pregnancy should be systematically screened for antibody titer to understand how the mother's body reacts to the presence of the fetus.The first test for the detection of antibodies to the Rh factor is carried out at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.After this analysis should take regularly every month.If the increase is found to their hazardous quantities will need to be treated by introducing a special immunoglobulin.

Indications for analysis

general, know your Rh factor does not prevent everything, but there are situations where this knowledge is vital.These situations include pregnancy and miscarriage of the fetus, the presence of blood transfusion or Hemolytic disease of the newborn, as well as observation of a pregnant woman with Rh-negative.It is important to all the girls spend time Analysis on Rh, in the event of a negative rhesus, they were aware of this as early as possible and planned pregnancy in the future, given the time.

Preparing for analysis

blood tests on rhesus factor and the group does not require any special training.For analysis using blood from a vein.Blood sampling can be conducted at any time during the day.But preferably, before you take a blood test for Rh factor does not eat any food for three hours.Blood is taken under sterile conditions using sterile disposable equipment.Most of these studies are carried out in special immuno laboratories.After analyzing the customer issue an opinion on the presence or absence of Rhesus in his blood.

how to conduct a blood test for the Rh factor?

Many patients before blood tests on rhesus factor, wonder whether the waiting did not take the results too much time.In fact, this analysis is not complicated, and if necessary it can be done even without special equipment, using the rapid method.For this method, a special-purpose chemical reagent and any blood, for example, from a finger from the vein or canned.During

analysis technician places a drop of blood into a test tube with a universal test reagent (Rh blood serum of the fourth group, mixed with a 33% solution poliglyukina) and agitates the contents of the tube.Thereafter it is placed in a special centrifuge and begins rotation.At this stage in the presence of blood Rh factor begins agglutination or adhesion and precipitation of blood cells, which occurs under the influence of specific agglutinin antibodies.In the next step in the test tube were added 3 ml of saline solution and invert it several times.After that laboratory draws conclusions about the presence or absence of blood Rh factor.

If agglutination after he sees in vitro large flakes that float in lighter fluid - this indicates that the Rh positive.If the liquid tube will be uniformly colored in pink, it will be evidence of Rhesus negative.

Sometimes a blood test on the Rh factor and group errors may occur.On the result of the analysis may have some influence such physical and chemical factors such as temperature and humidity, the patient's food intake and their medications.Therefore, to avoid mistakes studies conducted twice.

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