The structure and the possible diseases of the testicles in men


1. structure testicular

2. Operation eggs

3. Possible diseases of the testicles in men

4. Research Methods

Testicles -These are the guys the male gonads.They are both internal and external gland secretion.Located testicles in a special container, which is called the scrotum, and separated from each other by a partition.The functioning of the testes is closely related to the central nervous system activity and is critical for overall male health.


testicle testicles are quite complex structure.Outside they are covered with a whitish fibrous membrane, called the tunica.Under the shell is just stuff the eggs, which is called the parenchyma.The entire parenchyma is divided into segments, formed by connective tissue.Slices have a cone shape, their tops directed to the mediastinum testis, connective tissue band inside it and the base of the cones face the tunica albuginea.One testicle may be as many 250-300 lobules, and each lobule is 2-3 seminiferous tubules, whi

ch contain the spermatogenic epithelium.The length of each tubule - 70-80 cm and a diameter of 50-300 microns.The tops of the lobules and ducts are combined fall in rete testis located in the mediastinum testis.From the network efferent tubules testicular sent to his appendage.

Operation eggs

The main function of the testicles in men - reproduction by means of guaranteeing the production of sex cells and the male sex hormone.In making hormone testicles function as endocrine gland, producing it in Leydig cells and releasing directly into the blood.The number of Leydig cells during life changes, most of them happen in the period of puberty.With age, the number of data cells is reduced and the amount of hormone in the body decreases.

Possible diseases of the testicles in men

most frequent diseases of the body - it is orchitis, orchiepididymitis, epididymitis.Common causes of problems with the testicles are injuries and infections and oncology.The most encountered symptom of such diseases - pain in the testicles.

epididymitis - an inflammation of the epididymis.Most often it is caused by inflammation of the urinary organs, much less - infectious diseases.Young men epididymitis is often caused by chlamydia, while older - chronic urethritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, caused by E. coli and other infections.

Orchitis or inflammation of the testicle usually develops as a result of viral infection, such as mumps, rubella, influenza, chickenpox.Mumps is the most dangerous, which can lead to the destruction of cells and tubules hay infertility.The first sign of these diseases - pain in the testes, usually sudden and paroxysmal.Also, it is often noticeable redness and seal testicles increase in scrotal temperature increase.

non-inflammatory disorder are less common.These include varicocele, testicular cysts, cancer, cryptorchidism, hydrocele, spermatoceles.In most cases, these diseases are treated surgically.For example, testicular cyst can simply be removed by open surgery, as well as to carry out or puncture sclerotherapy treatment.

Research Methods

most often used on patients palpation techniques that can detect tumors, testicular cysts, orchitis and other diseases.It is also often used transillumination - raying the scrotum.In some diseases used biopsy, x-ray, limfangiografiyu.Commonly used laboratory methods, such as urine and semen.

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