Language - structure, function , possible reasons for the raid


1. language structure

2. language functions

3. Possible diseases

4. language survey

Language - a muscular bodylocated in the buccal cavity.It is required for the mixing of food ingestion and for generating speech sounds.Also, the language or the taste buds are located receptors, which allow to recognize the taste of food.

language structure

The language usually distinguish two parts - the body and the root.Also separately can be considered the upper and lower sides, which are separated by the edge of the language.The basis of this body are striated muscle fibers, and on top of them covers the mucous membrane.By their own tongue muscles include the vertical, lateral and longitudinal.The fixation of the body and its movement carried paired skeletal muscle - chin-lingual, awl-lingual and sublingual, lingual.

body separates from the groove on the upper surface of the root.Below is the language of the mucous membrane fold - bridle.And on the back of it, and on its edges

is many papillae, which are the body of touch and, of course, taste.Depending on the form, all the buds are divided into thread-like, leaf-shaped, tapered, mushroom and banked.Leaf-shaped, mushroom-shaped papillae and banked analyze taste and tapered thread-like and are responsible for thermal, tactile and pain sensitivity.

is a lot of lymphoid follicles in the mucous membrane of the root.They are united under the name of lingual tonsil.Under the mucous membrane and the muscle fibers situated between the minor salivary glands.

language functions

language has a number of very important functions.From the first days of life it is necessary for sucking.It then determines the taste and texture of food temperature, and mixing it participates in the formation of a food coma.It is needed in the process of swallowing and is involved in the saliva, as well as necessary in the formation of certain speech sounds.Lingual tonsil produces local immunity.

Possible diseases

pain language in the absence of other symptoms called glossalgia.It is often accompanied by dryness of the tongue, tingling, burning.Also sore tongue can be called glossitis - inflammation of any origin.Pain under the tongue can be a symptom of salivary colic or falling of stones from salivary gland duct.

Language Examination Survey of the body is carried out with the help of its external examination and analysis of the patient's complaints, which takes place before the inspection.Lesions can occur when language problems throughout the body, such as dehydration, poisoning and cardiovascular diseases, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in the defeat of the nervous system.Often patients complain of pain in the language, or pain under the tongue, in violation of the mobility or sensitivity.

Seen from the language doctor first assesses the state of the mucous membrane, and then analyzes the pain.Sometimes you will notice a white coating on the tongue.To determine the reasons for its appearance, it is necessary to take into account the location of the white patches on the tongue, which may indicate a gastrointestinal disease, respiratory system or candidiasis defeat of the language itself.

If we see the yellow tongue coating - it can talk about the diseases of the digestive system, such as the liver, biliary tract and pancreas.In addition, yellow tongue coating occurs in people who smoke a lot of abuse if coffee and tea.

Brown fur occurs in people who abuse alcohol.Taking certain antibiotics can lead to the appearance of greenish plaque on the tongue.The same fly sometimes leads steroids and other drugs.Plaque gray suggests a possible ulcer gastrointestinal damage.

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