Resuscitator - responsibilities , consultation , particularly work


1. When resuscitator need help?

2. diagnostic methods used by experts in the field of resuscitation

3. As a profession resuscitation?

The doctor in resuscitation - is a medical specialist who provides emergency assistance in life-threatening situations.This specialist restores and maintains the vital functions of the patient.Job Anaesthetist requires specialist knowledge in the field of critical care medicine and anesthesiology.Reanimatologists and anesthesiologists can be used interchangeably.

Adults and children's resuscitators have the same skills, and work they are with patients of different ages.But the children's resuscitation (medspetsialistov reviews confirm this) possess special skills, which they receive when working with small children.

When resuscitator need help?

main reasons that patients come to doctors-resuscitators are:

  • a state of shock, which resulted in a violation of cardiac, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems, as well as metabolism.
  • Thermal state - extinction of the important functionality of the internal organs.
  • Clinical death - thermal condition where the patient stops breathing and blood flow.The head of the patient brain is currently inactive, only work metabolism.

shock can be painful, traumatic, bacterial, toxic and emotional.Man in this state can be strongly suppressed or nervous breath he becomes shallow, the pulse quickens, the skin is covered with sweat and pale, the pressure is reduced.

Thermal state is a reversible condition in which the patient "and not alive and not dead."The main task of resuscitation doctor in this case - an urgent resumption of extinct functionality of the most important internal organs.

under clinical death mean thermal state, which lasts about five minutes.The doctor in resuscitation during this time with the help of the heart massage, artificial respiration, and other activities the patient should return to life.

Occupation resuscitation, resuscitation in addition, requires specialist knowledge of ownership, as well as the skills of the intensive care unit.It was the doctor conducts dialysis, mechanical ventilation, pacing, intravenous infusions and some other procedures which are aimed at correcting the condition of the patient.

Everyone should remember that the doctor-resuscitator is not engaged in treatment of any ailments, it only restores the body's vitality.

diagnostic methods used by experts in the field of resuscitation

To assess the condition of the patient, the above doctors, as a rule, carried out electrocardiography.Also, they are interested in the data analyzes of blood and urine, which represent:

  • amount of sodium, creatinine, potassium and glucose in the blood;
  • syphilis, hepatitis B and C, HIV;
  • level of urea, bilirubin and total protein;
  • level of ALT and AST.

very important for resuscitation are considered indicators such as blood type, Rh factor and blood clotting time.

As a profession resuscitation?

doctors-resuscitators are specialists with higher medical education, who have received the appropriate qualifications.

During the training data, doctors are studying the regularities and features of extinction of vital functions of the body, as well as methods for their recovery.Both adults and children are obliged to resuscitators have extensive knowledge in medicine and well know the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

successful resuscitation may only be a person who has the following qualities:

  • stress resistance;
  • sympathy to the people;
  • increased care;
  • ability to make quick and correct decisions in urgent cases.

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