Cardiologist - responsibilities , consultation , reception


1. Who is the physician radiologist?

2. That treats the radiologist, and that is in its jurisdiction?

3. When it becomes necessary consultation radiologist?

4. How can I get this specialty?

This medicine section as radiology appeared relatively recently.The main task of this science - the study of the effects of ionizing radiation on human health.The radiologist diagnoses and treatment of diseases with radiation therapy.

Who is the physician radiologist?

radiologist - a specialist who deals with medical radiology and radiotherapy.Radiology - one of the youngest areas of medicine, so the physician radiologist uses a variety of modern high-tech methods.These methods include: radiography and fluoroscopy, CT and magnetic resonance imaging, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, echocardiography, bronchography and bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy.The work of this specialist is of great importance for modern medicine, because radiology is one of the most promising branches of medicine.

That treats the radiologist, and that is in its jurisdiction?

radiologist involved in the provision of patient care with the help of modern high-tech radiological equipment permitted for use in health care facilities.Most often, such experts are attracted to a comprehensive survey of patients, but in certain situations they may issue and independent opinion.

radiologist consultation is needed not only at the stage of examination of the patient and the correct diagnosis, they can also participate in the development of the treatment plan.Many people know that the radiologist treats using radiotherapy.This therapy is currently one of the most benign methods of treatment of various dangerous diseases.

radiologists Consultations are necessary oncologists, oncology and chemotherapist.This doctor is required to watching all the necessary diagnostics and therapeutic procedures, and controls the operation of the whole complex of equipment and tools.

When it becomes necessary consultation radiologist?

From the name of the specialty of the doctor can draw conclusions that the radiologist treats people exposed.This is so, this group of patients is the most extensive, and treatment of the effects of irradiation takes up most of the time the doctor.In second place are seeking advice to the radiologist about confirmation hazardous diagnoses, such as different types of benign and malignant tumors of the skin, reproductive organs, breast, lung and bronchus, gastro-intestinal tract, throat, mouth, brain, and other organs.In addition, the radiologist consultation is needed in the diagnosis of sciatica, arthritis, hidradenitis sup-, spurs, tenosynovitis and bursitis.Requires the specialist and in the formulation of such diagnoses as lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, cancer metastasis.

How can I get this specialty?

In order to receive a specialty physician radiologist, you must graduate from medical schools, as well as undergo special training in the specialty "Radiology".Usually on one department of higher medical educational institutions prepare together Radiographers and radiologists, but is much broader in this area in the last activity.These doctors are engaged not only in the diagnosis and development of treatment plans, as the radiologists, but also they treat patients.In this case the appropriate specialist is necessary to know the features of radiological services, and have a deep knowledge in radiology as a clinical discipline.

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