Androlog - responsibilities , consultation , reception


1. specifics of andrologist

2. used treatments

3. doctor andrologist Activities

4. Features consultation andrologist

androlog - a doctor who has been treating a variety of diseases, pathological processes and malfunctions in the male reproductive system.In other words, he is a specialist in andrology any problems with the male reproductive system.Andrologist main objective - the preservation and maintenance of male reproductive health.In addition to medical care, andrologist may engage in social adaptation of the patients.

Children andrology deals with the problems of sexual development of children and adolescents.Children andrology diagnoses and treatment of diseases of genitalia in boys, helps prevent infertility and proper sexual development.

specifics of andrologist

most often consult an andrologist treated in the presence of the problem of erectile dysfunction.It is an erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual activity, or the inability to perform sexual intercours

e.Good andrologist identify the causes of these problems and helps to restore the normal functioning of the male reproductive system.

andrologist consultations necessary for men of all ages, but most of them treat patients from 40 to 65 years.In this age group can cause problems not only diseases but also psychological disorders.Good andrologist necessarily identify it and find the right solution to the problem.In addition, the scope of activities includes andrologist determine the degree of risk for the development of diseases of the sexual sphere.

used treatments

Modern andrology used several methods of treatment.The most commonly used methods for andrologov reviews is:

  • administration of drugs into the corpus cavernosum (vessels of the penis) to increase your erection using injections;
  • drug therapy comprising administration of drugs to improve blood flow in the hollow body;
  • therapy using drugs for the treatment of psychogenic dysfunction;
  • erektornaya vacuum therapy to restore an erection;
  • surgical techniques, including prosthetics, operations to limit the outflow of venous blood.

good andrologist The task is to determine the optimal treatment for each patient, taking into account all of their strengths and weaknesses.

doctor andrologist

activities is the responsibility of andrologist include providing inpatient, outpatient and counseling techniques, as well as the maintenance of medical records.This specialist can carry out minor surgical interventions, for example, treating wounds, remove foreign bodies, stitches, spending novocaine blockade, can also carry out ultrasound study and cystoscopy.If necessary, a good specialist can perform testicular vein ligation, removal of catheters, the distillation of the bladder and elimination of hydrocele.

Features consultation andrologist

the advice of the specialist can be accessed in the presence of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the reproductive system in men and infertility, birth defects authorities in this sphere, and changes in the reproductive system disorders in menopause.For child andrologu address, including the presence of disorders in puberty.

Before visiting the doctor should examine all reviews Andrology to choose a really good specialist.Immediately prior consultation is necessary to carry out the necessary hygiene and wear clean clothes.During the reception, a doctor will examine the genitals, explore the history of the disease and prescribe necessary diagnostic procedure.

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