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1. Eufillin - pharmacological properties

2. Indications eufillin

3. Contraindications and side effects

4. Instructions for use eufillin

Eufillin - a bronchodilator, which also has antispasmodic and vasodilating action.This drug excites the vasomotor and respiratory centers, and improves circulation.Furthermore it improves hemodynamics relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of bronchi, gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract.

Eufillin - pharmacological properties

Eufillin referred to as xanthine group, and its active ingredient is theophylline.This drug relaxes bronchial smooth muscle spasm and eliminates, providing thus widening effect on them.In addition, it improves the functioning cilia Eufillin airway epithelium.At the same time it improves the contraction of many muscles, including the intercostal and diaphragmatic.

According Eufillin instructions is able to stimulate the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata, and improve pulmonary ventilation, helping satu

rate the blood with oxygen and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in it.In other words, Eufillin normalizes human respiratory function.

eufillin mechanism of action on the human body is the oppression of an enzyme - phosphodiesterase.This helps to reduce the inflow of calcium ions into cells, which are responsible for contraction of the muscles, relax the muscles of the bronchi.Eufillin also reduces the tone of blood vessels, preferably vessels located in the skin, kidney, and brain.This helps to relax the venous wall in the pulmonary circulation, reducing the pressure therein.

eufillin Application gives opportunity to improve renal blood flow, which increases the amount of urine and accelerate its elimination.Eufillin also improves blood rheology, slowing down platelet aggregation, which makes the red blood cells more resistant to damage.Application aminophylline tocolytic can cause effects on the uterus as well as increased acidity of gastric juice.

This drug is perfectly absorbed from the digestive tract, but when taken with food its absorption is slowed down a little bit.According to the instructions, Eufillin able to penetrate through the placenta and breast milk, therefore its use during pregnancy and lactation is limited.Eufillin is metabolized in the liver and excreted in the urine.

Indications eufillin

Eufillin indicated for use as a means to relieve asthma attacks and heart failure, and angina.Showed Eufillin and pulmonary edema, and similar conditions associated with stagnant.Reviews eufillin argue that it can be successfully used to reduce pressure during hypertensive crises.Also Eufillin shown in the complex therapy in stroke and other ischemic states of the brain, in the treatment of neonatal apnea.

Contraindications and side effects

contraindication to the use of aminophylline is intolerance to any of its components.Also, the use of aminophylline is contraindicated in acute infarction in paroxysmal tachycardia, collapse, epilepsy, arrhythmia, ulcer disease, hyperthyroidism, prostate cancer, diarrhea.You can not use the drug and those with diagnosed disorders in the kidneys liver.The use of aminophylline in tablet form is contraindicated for children under 6 years old.

Numerous reviews eufillin say it is transferred well, but sometimes causes unpleasant side effects.The most common side effects include insomnia, dizziness, agitation, tremor, headache, palpitations, arrhythmia, heart pain, abdominal pain, decreased blood pressure, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, increased sweating, allergic reactions, glucose decreasein the blood, as well as changes in urinalysis.

Instructions for use eufillin

According to the instructions, Eufillin form of a solution administered by intramuscular and intravenous injection, parenteral administration is justified in emergency situations.In such cases, the dosage is calculated individually based on the severity of the condition and weight of the patient.For adults in situations aminophylline instruction to select a dose recommended, according to the rate of 6 mg / kg, diluted in 20 ml physiological saline and intravenously administered slowly, for at least 5 minutes um.In asthmatic status is usually prescribed 720 - 750 mg of the drug.It is not recommended to enter Eufillin parenterally longer 14 days.

If you want to ease the condition in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations able to recommend starting with a dose of 5-6 mg / kg.Take the medicine must be carefully, constantly monitoring the amount of blood.

Eufillin tablets usually take 1-3 times a day after eating at 0.15, the duration of treatment is adjusted individually and can last from a few days to a couple of months.

For the treatment of neonatal apnea, when breathing stops lasting more than 15 seconds, slowing heart rate, the initial dose of the drug will be 5 mg / kg / day in 2 divided doses.Usually the drug lead in using a nasogastric tube.After stabilization, a maintenance dose of 2 mg / kg / day in 2 divided doses.Depending on the child's condition, age and weight of the optimal dose of drug may vary widely, and therefore it can only assign the attending physician.Particular caution must be exercised when administering aminophylline elderly patients, as they have the risk of side effects is much higher.

reviews eufillin report on strengthening the side effects of glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids and agonists when taken with this medicine.Also, it does not use concurrently with other xanthine derivatives.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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