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Encevir is a vaccine that protects a person against infection with tick-borne encephalitis virus. The vaccine Encevir includes an inactivated whole virus, which as a result of special treatment has lost its ability to reproduce and can not provoke the development of the disease.

According to Encevir's instructions, this agent helps to produce cellular and humoral immunity against tick-borne encephalitis virus. The Encevir vaccine provides a sufficiently high protection against the strains of the corresponding virus.

Indications for the use of Encevir

The instructions for the use of Encevir indicate that the drug is used for the prevention of tick-borne encephalitis.

The introduction of this remedy must necessarily be carried out by persons who live or come to a place that is unfavorable for tick-borne encephalitis infection, especially if they are engaged in agricultural, construction, irrigation, forestry or geological work.

Vaccination is also required by persons whose activities are directl

y related to live virus cultures.

The Enceevir vaccine is widely used to immunize donors for the subsequent production of a specific immunoglobulin from their plasma.

Contraindications to Encevir

According to Enceevir's instructions, the drug is contraindicated in severe food allergies, especially on egg white hens;with increased sensitivity to the components that make up the vaccine;with bronchial asthma;with epilepsy;diabetes mellitus;thyrotoxicosis;oncological diseases, as well as, with blood diseases.

The instruction for the use of Encevir states that this remedy should not be administered to persons who, during previous vaccinations, developed complications or manifested severe reactions in the form of edema at the site of injection or a rise in body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius.

The Encevir vaccine is not used to immunize women during pregnancy. In this case, the use of the drug is allowed after fourteen days after delivery.

The vaccine should not be administered to persons suffering from exacerbation of chronic diseases, and also, in acute physical illnesses. In this case, the vaccine can be made after a month from the time of recovery or remission.

Side effects of

According to Enceevir's instructions, vaccination may be accompanied by swelling of soft tissues, pain, redness of the skin at the site of injection.

Patients may experience a slight increase in regional lymph nodes, general malaise, fever, pain in the muscles and joints, and, headache.

According to the instructions for the use of Encevir, side effects may occur within the first two days of vaccination. At the same time, the symptoms described above usually last for about three days.

Only in rare cases, the Encevir vaccine can trigger the development of an allergic reaction in the form of Quincke's edema or anaphylactic shock.

Instruction for use of Encevir

This agent should be introduced into the deltoid muscle. A single dose is half a millimeter.

The first vaccination can be carried out in the day chosen by the patient, the second one in two months, and the third one in a year.

There is also a different vaccination scheme, in which the first vaccination is done on the day chosen by the patient, the second one is performed in five to seven months, and the third one in a year.

Revaccination should be carried out once every three years.

Special instructions

Do not allow the drug to enter the blood vessels, as this can cause a serious allergic reaction, which as a result will require anti-shock and resuscitation therapy.

After the administration of the Encevir vaccine, the patient should remain under medical supervision for half an hour.

If the vaccination is carried out during the period of increased activity of the mites( spring-summer period), for the time of its holding and two more weeks after its termination, it is necessary to exclude the possible contact of the patient with the source of infection.

The patient should be examined by a doctor for possible contraindications.

Introduction of Enceevir should only be carried out in a specially prepared treatment room.

Dosage form

The drug is available in the form of a suspension intended for intramuscular administration.


1. Indications for use of Encevir

2. Contraindications to Encevir

3. Side effects of

4. Instruction for use of Encevir

5. Specific instructions

6. Dosage form


Description of the drug, placed on this page, is augmented and simplified version of the official version of the annotation to the drug. The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide for self-treatment. Before using the drug, you should consult a specialist and read the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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