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1. Structure and Composition Engystol

2. Pharmacological action

3. Analogs Engystol

4. Indications

5. Contraindicationsapplication Engystol

6. Dosing

7. Side effects Engystol

8. storage conditions and shelf life Engystol

Engystol is a complex homeopathic preparation, has a pronounced immunomodulating effect.Also, the tool has on the human body simpatoliticheskoe and antiviral effects.The main indications for use Engystol are: respiratory tract disease, viral infections, skin diseases and some cardiovascular diseases.

composition and the form of Engystol

According to the instructions, Engystol available in form of an injection and sublingual tablets.

One tablet of the above formulation contains in its structure the following active ingredients: Vincetoxicum hirundinaria D6 - 75 mg;Vincetoxicum hirundinaria D30 - 75 mg;Vincetoxicum hirundinaria D10 - 75 mg;Sulfur D10 - 37.5 mg and Sulfur D4 - 37.5 mg.Implement Engystol tablets in polypropylene canist

ers of 50 pieces each, in carton packs.

Injection is composed of the same active ingredients as the tablet.Implement injection into 1.1 ml ampoules placed in a cardboard package (5, 10, 50 or 100 vials each).

Pharmacological action

Engystol active substances have on the body immunomodulatory, antiviral and sympatholytic effects.

sulfur colloid activates the body's defenses, improves the functioning of blood vessels, normalizes the process of detoxification, resulting in restoration of normal metabolism in tissues.

Judging by the reviews, Engystol no impact on the livelihoods of viruses, but reducing the toxicity and reducing the effects of medication, contributes to the rapid recovery.

addition, provides a means for analyte lymphatic drainage system action, and this leads to the restoration of immunity.

Analogs Engystol

Today there are many analogs Engystol, the most effective of which are:

  • Ehinokor (Elixir);
  • Immuneks and Bioaron C (syrup);
  • Taktivin, ruzam, Glutoxim, Moliksan, Dezoksinat, aktinolizatom and Pyrogenalum (injection);
  • Tsitovir-3, isophorone, Broncho-polish, Uro-Vaks and Broncho-munal (capsules);
  • Wobenzym, Neyroferon, Imudon, Vitanov, Anaferon, Gerbion echinacea, Imunofan, Galavit and Arpeflyu (tablets).

Indications The main indications for use are stated below Engystol pathological conditions:

  • viral infections: flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, otitis media, fever of unknown etiology, viral hepatitis, as well as acute and chronic rhinovirus infection;
  • airway disease: whooping cough, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia;
  • skin diseases: atopic dermatitis, abrasions, eczema, pruritus, urticaria;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system: paroxysmal tachycardia, endocarditis and myocarditis.

Engystol, in the opinion of patients, is also effective against a background of low immunity in the treatment of:

  • neuralgia;
  • aphthous stomatitis;
  • rheumatic diseases;
  • migraine;
  • allergies of various localization.

In addition, the use of Engystol indicated for the treatment of papillomavirus and cytomegalovirus in the gynecological field.

Contraindications Engystol

According to the instructions, Engystol not be used in patients with hypersensitivity to the active substances or additional medication.


Engystol sublingually (under the tongue), take one tablet three times a day.In acute diseases before the onset of relief of symptoms is desirable to make the analyte means one tablet every fifteen minutes.The maximum permitted daily dose of medication is eight tablets.Doctors are allowed to combine Engystol with other homeopathic preparations.

Engystol in form of an injection administered (subcutaneously, intravenously, intradermally or intramuscularly) one to three times a week, and in acute diseases - every day for one vial.

Engystol in pediatrics as a solution for injection is administered in doses that meet age:

  • infants (under one year) - 1/6 of the ampoule;
  • children from one year to three years - ¼ vial;
  • children from three to six years - ½ ampoule;
  • children over six years - one ampoule.

during pregnancy and lactation Dosage adjustment and duration of treatment is usually not required.

Side effects Engystol

Judging by the reviews, Engystol are hypersensitive to the drug can cause allergic reactions (rash, pruritus, rash, and so on.).

storage conditions and shelf life Engystol

According to the instructions, Engystol should be stored in a dry and dark place at a temperature range of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

shelf life of this homeopathic remedy is five years from the date of production.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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