Eksiderm - instruction , application reviews


1. Eksiderm - pharmacological effect

2. Indications Eksiderma

3. Dosing Eksiderma

4. Contraindications and side effects

Eksiderm - is a high quality modern drug for hair loss.It nourishes and strengthens the scalp and hair, and also helps fight dandruff.In addition, it activates the circulatory system in the vicinity of the hair follicles and thus stimulate hair growth.After exposure Eksiderma restores damaged hair, and their accelerated growth.

Eksiderm - pharmacological effect

remedy for hair loss Eksiderm contains all the necessary substances that are capable of strengthening and increasing the rate of hair growth.These substances include herbal extracts, complexes of amino acids, a large number of important vitamins for hair growth, and a special, absolutely innovative growth stimulator - Vitanol.

The instructions to Eksidermu said that it neutralizes the factors that damage the hair, as has the ability to stop the oxidation.Valuable plant substances that are p

art of Eksiderma perfectly nourish the scalp and effectively soothe irritation and help to easily overcome dandruff.In addition, these substances are well moisturize scalp and eliminate it from inflammation, which accelerates the growth of hair and makes them stronger.

Instruction Eksidermu describes in detail the whole wide range of plant substances in this preparation, it is an extract of aloe vera, and mother and stepmother, and it contains extracts of hops, plantain, nettle, burdock, juniper, birch leaf, chamomile,St. John's wort, oak, sage and clover.

Numerous reviews Eksiderme argue that it is perfectly activates the circulatory system around the hair follicles, which helps them provide better quality nutrients.It also stimulates protein metabolism in the hair follicles and normalizes it.After using Eksiderma sebaceous glands in the scalp normalizes and restores damaged hair.

Indications Eksiderma

Instruction Eksidermu recommends its use in patients with alopecia risk for its prevention or too active hair loss.Also, it is recommended for those who want to increase the thickness of your hair.Eksiderma possible to use for the treatment of acute focal or pathological hair loss.It is often used for the prevention and treatment typical of men of androgenic alopecia.

Dosing Eksiderma

this drug for hair loss treatment comes in two forms - Eksiderm spray and lotion.Both forms of the drug are intended only for external use.Eksiderm in the form of a lotion can be applied with a cotton swab on the scalp with light massage movements.Eksiderm spray is applied more easily, it can simply be sprayed onto the skin and then a little massage hands.It is very convenient to apply Eksiderm spray on problem areas, especially if they are rather big area for processing cotton swab will need a lot of time.

can not wash off for 4 hours after application Eksiderm.2 is necessary to repeat the procedure twice a day.If you want to cure baldness, you will need a fairly long course of treatment, at least 1-4 months at a quality integrated approach.But if you need a hair loss prevention or improvement in their condition, there will be enough of 10-14 days of regular procedures every six months.

Contraindications and side effects

vast majority of reviews on Eksiderme says about its effectiveness and safety, but some side effects of its application may still cause.Since Eksiderm contains extracts of various herbs, its use can cause allergic reactions at high sensitivity to them.In the event of such unpleasant side effects, you should stop using the product and seek medical advice.Reviews Eksiderme argue that such side effects are extremely rare.

Application Eksiderma contraindicated in the presence of scalp diseases.You should also stop using it in patients with intolerance to any component of the formulation.Do not allow to enter the drug into the eyes, if this happens, they should be rinsed under running water.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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