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1. Tetraborate sodium in glycerol - pharmacological action of

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4. Contraindications to sodium tetraborate in glycerol

Solution Tetraborate sodium is a long-proven and popular remedy for thrush. It is also known as "borax in glycerin" or simply borax. This drug is produced in the form of a solution for topical application.

Tetraborate sodium in glycerin - pharmacological action

Substance Sodium tetraborate 20% is a preparation with antiseptic and bacteriostatic action, which is produced from boric acid. This remedy has the ability to remove the fungus from the surface of the mucous membranes and inhibit its development, which is why sodium tetraborate with thrush is very effective and is often used. In addition, this substance is often used in the preparation of combined agents designed to relieve inflammation from the upper respiratory tract.

This substance may be useful only if applied to damaged skin or mucous membranes. Through them, it is absorbed into the digestive tract. It is excreted through the intestines and kidneys for about a week after application.

Sodium tetraborate in glycerin - indications for use and method of application

According to instructions Sodium tetraborate is recommended for use in candidiasis lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth, genitals, urinary and upper respiratory tract. In addition, Sodium tetraborate 20% effective in the treatment of pressure sores and diaper rash with the purpose of their decontamination.

Tetraborate sodium for thrush is used in the form of douching of the genitals, as well as in the form of treatment of the affected skin, mouth and throat rinses. When candidiasis of the oral mucosa treatment solution Sodium tetraborate is carried out 2-3 times per day for 3-7 days.

In the treatment of candidiasis of female genitalia, treatment with this drug is carried out after douching with anti-inflammatory herbal decoction or simple boiled water. After this, a tampon moistened with the drug is inserted into the vagina and left for 20-30 minutes. The duration of treatment depends on the course of the disease, with minor discharges, one procedure per day is sometimes enough for a week, and with pronounced symptoms and chronic course of the disease, two procedures per day should be performed. To prevent a relapse of the disease it is necessary to carry out treatment for a week, even if the symptoms disappear earlier.

When treating this drug with tonsillitis, it is necessary to treat tonsils 4-6 times a day. Duration of treatment is usually not less than a week. To enhance the therapeutic effect of the drug, you can prepare a saline solution of sodium tetraborate. To do this, in a glass of water, you must dilute a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of this medication.

Side effects of

According to the instructions Sodium tetraborate can cause a number of side effects when used, for example, after its use, burning and redness of the skin or mucous membranes at the treatment site can be observed. If this side effect is manifested, then the remedy must be washed off. In case of an overdose of the drug, abdominal pain, vomiting, deterioration of appetite, diarrhea and confusion, as well as weakness, dermatitis and menstrual irregularity may occur. In addition, dermatitis, alopecia, impaired renal and hepatic function, muscle twitching can occur.

These effects can be rectified by washing the stomach and forced diuresis. In case of severe poisoning hemodialysis is carried out, intramuscularly injected riboflavin-mononucletoide( 10 mg / day), also infused sodium hydrogen carbonate solution intravenously, sodium chloride solution and solutions that can replace plasma, dextrose. When abdominal pain occurs, subcutaneous administration of a solution of atropine, platyphylline, promedola and intravenous injection of a dextrose-procaine mixture is shown. To death can result 10-20 grams of sodium tetraborate 20%.

Contraindications to sodium tetraborate in glycerin

According to instructions Sodium tetraborate can not be used for significant damage to the mucous membranes and skin, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. Also a contraindication is hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. The product is not allowed to be ingested. In addition, its high toxicity makes it impossible to use the drug in pediatrics.


Description of the drug, placed on this page, is a supplemented and simplified version of the official version of the annotation to the drug. The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide for self-treatment. Before using the drug, you should consult a specialist and read the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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