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1. pharmacological properties of senna

2. Application senna

3. Contraindications and side effects

The beneficial properties of senna known to people since ancienttimes.This medicinal herb is often called senna, cassia or hay aquifolium uzkolistoy.Grass hay belongs to the legume family.Grass hay - is a wild tropical plant with pale yellow flowers and lanceolate leaves have medicinal properties.Occurs this herb in India, Arabia, Asia, many countries in Europe, particularly in Russia, senna herb grown in pharmacological purposes in specially designated areas located away from the large industrial enterprises and busiest highways.

For medical purposes use only senna leaves.Collect the leaves of senna should be when they are fully ripe.Dry leaves of senna should be outdoors in the shade or in a well-ventilated area.Leaves of plants have a very rich composition, containing a lot of useful substances.The leaves contain senna antraglikozidy and alkaloids, organic acids, flavonoi

ds, phytosterols, glycosides and resins.It antraglikozidy have a powerful laxative properties, so the infusion and decoction of senna leaves is used as an effective laxative.It is worth noting that Senna is considered the most effective herbal laxative, at times superior to all known natural counterparts.

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry produces a variety of products based on herbs senna, the main active components are sennosides A and B. Today senna grass can be purchased as a dried plant material or in the form of granules.Drugs that are based on senna, produced in the form of chewable lozenges, tablets and chewable tablets (vanilla and chocolate).Upon receipt of these forms of the drug is a strong laxative effect, thereby eliminates constipation, which normalizes the bowels.

pharmacological properties of senna

Drugs Senna - a herbal laxatives.The mechanism of their effect is stimulation of receptors mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby enhancing peristalsis reflex occurs and more rapid gastric emptying.Thanks to senna laxative properties of the natural normal bowel function.The natural basis of senna drugs can provide mild therapeutic effect, while not affecting the digestion process and without causing addiction.That is why the use of senna products are allowed and in pediatrics.Also, despite the strong laxative effect of the drug, its use does not cause cramping pains in the umbilical region.

after ingestion of senna effect occurs after 8-12 hours.

Given the beneficial properties of senna, drugs based on it are appointed:

  • constipation (in particular in the sluggish motility of the colon after delivery and operations, hypo- and gastrointestinal atony);
  • in preparation for the X-ray examinations;
  • formations when the hemorrhoidal and anal fissures.

Application senna

Thus, the main useful property Senna is its laxative effect, but senna herb is used not only for "direct" destination (for constipation), but also for cleaning the body and diseases, requiringsoft stool and rapid gastric emptying (ulcerative colitis, cracks in the mucosa of the anus, hemorrhoids, and other).

In order to cleanse the bowel and eliminate constipation you need to prepare a drink from the leaves of senna, this is done as follows: a teaspoon of dried raw material is poured a glass of boiling water and insist ostuzhennoy within days, occasionally stirring.After one day the infusion should drain.Take it at night, and it will begin to operate after 6-8 hours.When pouring cold water on the leaves, it is possible to avoid the appearance rezey in the abdomen.

There are a lot of positive reviews about Senna, used for weight loss.Senna often included in the composition of different diets.This is one of the variants of such a diet: the duration of three weeks, eat after 18 hours is strictly prohibited throughout the day need to be sure to eat a nutritious mixture of prunes, dried apricots, raisins and figs.To prepare such a mixture is necessary to take all these ingredients are 100 grams, mince, mix with 100 g of honey and 100 g senna leaf, pre-steamed with boiling water.The resulting mixture was placed in a glass container and store in the refrigerator.Diet during this diet does not change dramatically, however, should be removed from the diet of sweet, fatty and smoked.This is not a strict diet, many of its well tolerated.But judging by the reviews of Senna, its use can really get rid of several kilograms.Also reviews of Senna show that it improves health, cleanses the intestines and allows you to experience a feeling of lightness in the abdomen.

If it is necessary to purge the body, it should be for a week every day to take a decoction of senna prepared as follows: a tablespoon of granules (or dry raw materials), pour a glass of boiling water and protomai on a steam bath for 15-20 minutes, drain.Drink this infusion should be two hours after eating or at night.This purification allows us to derive from the "stale slag" of the body, as well as to withdraw from the kidney sand and small stones.Conduct a cleaning rate can be not more than 1 time per month.Take this decoction as follows: the first day - 100 ml of broth (you may experience minor pain in the stomach and intestines strong relief), the second - the sixth day, increasing the dosage to 20 ml to the seventh day turned dosage of 200 ml of broth.

Contraindications and side effects

contraindicated use of senna in the following cases:

  • if you are hypersensitive;
  • women during pregnancy and lactation;
  • people with severe gastrointestinal disease.

Despite the therapeutic properties of senna, its long-term use can be dangerous because of the frequent breaks developing nutritional deficiencies, dystrophy, intestinal and liver function abnormalities.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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