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Ozokerite is a hydrocarbon that belongs to the group of petroleum bitumens and is a useful mineral. In Greek, the very word "ozocerite" means "fragrant wax".In some places it is called black wax or tears of the earth. They dig it in the Carpathians on the territory of Poland and Ukraine, as well as in North America, Britain and the Caspian Sea on the Chekelen peninsula. This substance is used for scientific and technical purposes, as well as in medicine for the purpose of carrying out physiotherapeutic manipulations.

Ozokerite - chemical composition and properties of

Ozokerite is a complex mixture of solid saturated high-molecular hydrocarbons, mineral oils and resinous substances. The consistency of ozocerite depends on the amount of tar-asphalt substances and oils in its composition. It can vary from soft mazoobraznoy to hard and fragile, gypsum-like. Most often, ozocerite is waxy, and its hardness varies with temperature.

The color of this substance also depends on its composition and can rang

e from light yellow to black. Also found brown and green ozocerite. This substance differs in its characteristic kerosene smell. It does not dissolve in water, alkalis and alcohol, but can dissolve in kerosene, gasoline, chloroform and some other substances. Ozokerite is very easily ignited, so it must be protected against fire.

Application of ozocerite in medicine

Ozokerite treatment today is quite widespread. The main branch of its use is physiotherapy. This substance has a low thermal conductivity with a high heat capacity, so it is used to prepare warming compresses for certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for chronic inflammatory diseases with impaired peripheral circulation.

The chemical composition of medical ozocerite has a surface-irritating effect on the skin, which causes a rush of blood. Thus, treatment with ozocerite allows to stimulate blood circulation in the hypodermic capillaries and to improve the metabolism in the zone of compress action. Numerous reviews on ozokerite confirm its analgesic, resolving, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. It is based on the production of ozoparaffin, ozokeramine, ozokerakine and even ozokerakine napkins.

Treatment with ozocerite - indications

Treatment with ozocerite is usually performed in conditions of sanatorium establishments. It is also often included in a complex of rehabilitation measures in polyclinic conditions. The list of diseases that are successfully treated with ozocerite includes: arthrosis, arthritis, contractures, radiculitis, myositis, neuritis, decubitus, trophic ulcers of the lower leg, as well as some chronic diseases during remission, for example, urethritis, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis,e. Also, as part of complex therapy, ozocerite treatment is used for infertility, both female and male, and during post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Ozokerite - instruction for use

The instruction for ozocerite recommends the use of it in the form of compresses or a method of cuvette application. Compresses, like cakes, cooked in cuvettes, are applied to dry, clean skin. Abundant vegetation, if available, must be shaved. It is recommended to go through the procedure in the prone position.

To prepare a compress of ozokerite according to the instructions, it is necessary to fold a wide bandage into 8 layers, making a so-called gasket. Ozokerite is melted in a water bath or in a special apparatus. The gasket is moistened in ozocerite, then it is annealed, cooled to a temperature of approximately 45-50 ° C, and applied to the affected area. The second gasket with a temperature of 70-80 ° C is applied over the first without contact with the skin. The compress is covered with oilcloth or wax paper, and a blanket is put on top.

When using the cuvette application method, hot liquid ozocerite is poured over cuvettes lined with waxed paper. The cake is allowed to cool to 45-50 ° C and is extracted by the edges of the wax paper. A cake is placed on the affected area upwards with paper, and a blanket or something else is placed on top of it for warming.

Apply an ozocerite compress for 30-40 minutes or slightly more, then remove, and wrap the place of application with a warm scarf for 40 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day or every other day, usually 15-20 procedures are usually required.

Side effects and contraindications

Numerous reviews on ozocerite assure its safety, but it should only be used according to the indications and in accordance with the instruction. Side effects, as a rule, are manifested in people with hypersensitivity or with intolerance to this substance. In this case, treatment should be discontinued.

It is also necessary to take into account contraindications to ozocerite when planning treatment. Ozokerite is contraindicated in patients with any diseases in the acute stage, as well as with chronic diseases during periods of exacerbation. Also, ozocerite is contraindicated in bleeding or the threat of their occurrence, in the presence of tumors, both malignant and benign, ulcers of the digestive tract, with tuberculosis, severe cardiovascular pathologies, urolithiasis, liver and pancreas lesions.

In addition, treatment with ozocerite is contraindicated in epilepsy, thyrotoxicosis, diabetes mellitus and inflammatory diseases. Reviews of ozokerite also report that the use of this substance is undesirable in certain gynecological diseases, especially with the possibility of developing suppuration, and during pregnancy. Therefore, before applying this method of treatment, it is necessary to undergo a survey to exclude them.


1. Ozokerite - chemical composition and properties of

2. Application of ozocerite in medicine

3. Treatment with ozocerite - indications

4. Ozokerite - instructions for use

5. Side effects and contraindications


Description of the drug, placed on this page, is a supplemented and simplified version of the official version of the annotation to the drug. The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide for self-treatment. Before using the drug, you should consult a specialist and read the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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