Nitrofungin - instruction , application reviews


1. Pharmacological action Nitrofungina

2. Product form Nitrofungina

3. Indications Nitrofungina

4. Contraindications

5. methodapplication Nitrofungina

6. Side effects

7. Overdose

Nitrofungin - an antifungal drug for topical use.Its active ingredient is hlornitrofenol.This tool has antiseptic and disinfectant activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, mycobacteria and some fungi.

Pharmacological action Nitrofungina

in accordance with the instructions, Nitrofungin solution at a concentration of 0.0001%, inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as Microsporum canis and Trichophyton gypseum, and at a concentration of 0.0007% to prevent the development of Candida albicans.At elevated concentrations of the active substance in the solution (0.003%) exhibits fungicidal and fungistatic activity.Even higher concentrations have antibacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.Also, the use of this tool is effective in treat

ing tinea.

Nitrofungin Neo is a drug from the group of undecylenic acid and has a fungicidal and fungistatic action, increasingly pronounced against dermatophytes, facultative pathogenic fungi species Scropulariopsis and yeast fungi, pathogens candidiasis.

For external use drug is not absorbed by the skin.

release form Nitrofungina

drug is released in the form of a clear yellow or green-yellow alcohol solution for external use, with the concentration of the active ingredient, 2-chloro-4-nitrophenol, 1%.As auxiliary substances in the medicament contains 96% ethanol, triethylene glycol and purified water.

Nitrofungin Neo is also available in the form of a topical solution and spray.

Indications Nitrofungina

in accordance with the instructions, Nitrofungin used for fungal skin lesions, including rubrofitii, jock itch, trihofitii, skin candidiasis, tinea pedis.Effectively Nitrofungin instilled in the ear fungal diseases of the external auditory canal.


Application Nitrofungina contraindicated if you are hypersensitive hlornitrofenola and other components of the preparation.In addition, the drug is not prescribed to pregnant and lactating women and children under the age of 15 years.Nitrofungin Neo can be used to treat children older than 2 years.

Dosing Nitrofungina

in accordance with the instructions, Nitrofungin designed for outdoor use.Using a cotton swab the solution should be applied to the affected areas of skin 2-3 times a day.Treatment should continue until such time until no clinical manifestations of the disease.In order to prevent recurrence of the solution should be applied 2-3 times per week for a further 4-6 weeks thereafter.In addition, in the opinion of Nitrofungine, the drug is effective for prevention when applied 1-2 times a week for a month.

for treatment is usually used undiluted solution.Moreover, if the skin appears irritated or has local inflammation, you can use the diluted solution of the drug: for this it was diluted with water in equal proportions.

Nitrofungin Neo as a spray is sprayed to the affected skin at intervals of 2-3 times a day at intervals of 8-12 hours (ideally - morning and evening) up to a complete disappearance of symptoms.

Bury Nitrofungin in the ear must be daily 3 drops.

In the opinion of Nitrofungine, reducing the severity of symptoms and the relieved state occurs after 3 days of regular use of the drug.

Side effects

In the field of application of the drug possible skin irritation, fotodermatit, allergic reactions, including itching, rash, burning sensation, redness, swelling.After applying the drug should not expose the treated skin exposed to sunlight.


Since the drug is not absorbed through the skin, when applied externally, in accordance with the instructions can not be overdosed.Accidental ingestion of phenolic compounds leads to nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, diarrhea, loss of consciousness.In such cases, the patient needs to gastric lavage solution containing any vegetable oil.administration of activated charcoal is also shown.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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