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1. release form and composition

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More than 90% of information about the world and about the events we get throughbody of.The quality of it is very important both in childhood and throughout a person's life.As a youth, vision helps proper formation of the personality, and in later years, it is the main source of replenishment of knowledge.Good vision plays a major role in shaping the world, intelligence and personality traits.That is why it is so important to preserve vision from childhood to old age.

particular problem prevalence of eye diseases relevant today in the information age, when every child and grown for several hours a day spends in front of the TV screen, computer monitor, cell phone and other gadgets.Since childhood is a tremendous burden on the organs of vision.To preserve visual function, developed the drug plant-based Lutein complex for children and adults is available a similar drug Lutein complex.

Lutein complex - it is a stron

g antioxidant that protects the eye tissues from damage and aging.This drug belongs to the group of dietary supplements and allows the human body a necessary amount of flavonoids, carotenoids, minerals and vitamins.Lutein complex organism is an additional source of saturation of these substances, by which preserved the normal functioning of the visual apparatus and optimizes its operation.This is especially significant use of the drug at high visual load, as well as older people with the progression of age-related changes of the visual apparatus.

Medicinal properties of children's and adult Lutein complex is achieved due to the content in its composition of lutein in its free form.This active substance is extracted from natural raw materials of vegetable origin.By using the latest microencapsulation technology, lutein gets maximum bioavailability and maintains its beneficial properties throughout the shelf life.Due to the composition of natural vegetable components Lutein complex is safe to use and has no side effects.High safety of the drug allows to produce Lutein and Children's Services, which is able to strengthen the eye unit child.

release form and composition

Available Lutein complex in the form of tablets dosage of 500 mg.Tablets are round, their color can range from pale violet to deep purple with small patches, sometimes there are shades of brown.The fact that the final color of the finished product depends on the percentage content of the biologically inactive pigments in each plant raw batch (blueberry), the process involved in the manufacture of tablets.At the same biological activity and efficacy of the drug are fully preserved.One pack of the drug contains 30, 60 or 90 tablets.

One tablet formulation contains the following components: lutein extracted from marigold petals inflorescences, vitamins C, A, E, anthocyanins (standardized bilberry extract), beta-carotene, copper, zinc, taurine and selenium.Consider the beneficial properties of these components.

lutein accumulation occurs in the macular region of the retina and in the lens.In the central area of ​​the retina is its partial transformation into zeaxanthin.The combined action of these two active substances, lutein and zeaxanthin, performing the role of filter and protect the most important eye structures from the damaging effects of the most aggressive, the blue part of the spectrum of bright daylight.In essence lutein and zeaxanthin are potent antioxidants, capable of neutralizing the effects of free radicals and to prevent clouding of the lens and retina damage.

Anthocyanins contained in the extract of blueberries, uchuvstvuyut updating photosensitive pigment rhodopsin, thus improving the adaptation of the body to different power levels of illumination.At the same visual acuity at twilight is enhanced.

Taurine is an amino acid that is involved in the transfer fotosignalov and stimulates the regeneration of the tissues of the eye and metabolisticheskie processes.In addition, taurine in svetooschuschayuschih activates cell energy metabolism and leads to normal cell membrane function.

Beta-carotene is a supplier of vitamin A, which, in turn, improves the perception of color.Also, vitamin A is involved in the synthesis of essential substances to the eye and in the redox processes.

Vitamin C increases the strength of the impact of antioxidants and stimulates the rate of recovery in the retina of visual pigments.Vitamin E promotes adequate tissue respiration and activates the regeneration of damaged cells.With sufficient intake of vitamin E reduced fragility and permeability of capillaries.

selenium, zinc and copper also contribute to the strengthening of vascular and iris.

Instruction Lutein complex

According to the purpose, in the instructions to the drug Lutein complex is an additional supplier of lutein, as well as important trace elements and vitamins.

Instruction Lutein complex is recommended to use the drug:

  • persons who have reached 40 years of age in order to minimize the risk of age-related changes in the lens and retina;
  • people suffering from myopia, to minimize the risk of complications of myopia;
  • with systematic long-term work at the computer;
  • people with the syndrome of eye fatigue;
  • drivers and people of different professions, which require a special visual acuity;
  • people skills relate to the impact of a powerful bright light (spotlights, welding);
  • all citizens living in areas with high insolation.

According to the instructions for Lutein complex, this drug is indicated for:

  • myopia;
  • degenerative retinal diseases (can be used in combination therapy);
  • symptom "fatigue" eyes;
  • prolonged work at the computer;
  • hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis;
  • professions affecting the vision;
  • eye surgery;
  • to slow the development of age-related process changes the eye (iris subatrophy, floater, cataracts, etc..).

For adults the dosage is 1-3 tablets a day, preferably in the morning to take them in conjunction with the meal.Children from 7 years of age may be assigned Lutein children's is also assumed in the morning, while eating in the following dosages: child from 7 to 10 years - 2 tablets per day, from 11 years and older - up to 3 tablets a day.The course of treatment - 1 month.

both adults and children can undergo a course of treatment or prevention of ocular diseases every six months.

reviews Lutein complex reported excellent tolerability mostly patients of the drug.However, there are individual negative reviews about Lutein complex associated with individual intolerance to components of the drug, which leads to the manifestation of allergic reactions.In general, the drug is safe and the vast number of positive reviews about Lutein complex proves its safety and efficacy.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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