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1. Pharmacological action

2. Indications Limontara

3. Limontar pregnancy

4. Dosing and dosing

5. contraindications and side effects

6. reviews Limontare

Limontar - metabolic (accelerating metabolism) combination drug.

Limontar released in the form of round white tablets for the preparation of oral solution.Every 30 tablets packed in blisters.In a cardboard box of the drug is embedded one package.

Limontara One tablet contains 0.25 g of active ingredient, namely, succinic acid and 0.2 g of citric acid in an amount of 0.05 g

Pharmacological action

Limontar possess antihypoxic, antioxidative, antitoxic effect.The drug regulates tissue metabolism, stimulates the redox processes in the body, enhances the formation of a specific enzyme ATP (an important enzyme in the metabolism and energy), enhances secretory and acid-forming function of the stomach.Against the background of Limontara increases intellectual and physical performance, increased reactivity, improv

ed appetite, and toxic processes (including the toxic effect of alcohol) become more favorable course.

Limontar during pregnancy has a positive effect on fetal growth and development, the overall health of women, as well as during pregnancy as a whole.

drug takes effect within 15 minutes after ingestion, it is completely safe for the body, does not accumulate in tissues and organs, splits, forming water and carbon dioxide.

Indications Limontara

Limontar drug pretty broad spectrum.It is not intended for a particular suffering from certain diseases contingent individuals.With different goals Limontar can take a pregnant woman and teenage boy with eating disorders or alcohol-dependent men.

Limontaru Guide to recommend the use of the drug under the following conditions:

  • abstinence (hangover) - with the aim of minimizing the toxic effect of alcohol, eliminate fatigue, nausea, headache;
  • mild to moderate severity of intoxication;
  • syndrome of chronic alcohol dependence, in particular the period of heavy drinking (in the complex therapy);
  • not alcohol-related disorders of appetite, general weakness, decreased performance;
  • pregnancy, amid the general distress (distress) of the fetus and the mother.

According to reviews, Limontar proven itself as a preventive measure, before the drug use of alcohol significantly reduces the degree of post intoxication.

Limontar also used for diagnostic purposes, taken before examination of the gastrointestinal tract and to determine the acid-secretory function of the stomach and gastrointestinal diseases available.

separate point should be made about the use of Limontara during pregnancy.

Limontar pregnancy

Limontar has a beneficial effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus.The preparation lends strength and energy activates all functions of the female organism and thus provides normal processes of fetal life.

Limontar during pregnancy (often in combination with methionine) is prescribed:

  • with pronounced symptoms of early toxicity (severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss);
  • as a support drug in the threat of miscarriage (before 12 weeks) and preterm delivery (before 37 weeks);
  • as a nutritional product during hypoxia (lack of oxygen) syndrome and fetal intrauterine growth retardation;
  • as a tonic, improves the immune system of pregnant women the drug.

Dosing and dosing instructions to

Limontaru recommended to dissolve a tablet in water or juice, and then taken orally.To dissolve usually require a glass of water, which for the best effect, you can add on the tip of a knife soda.Instead of the usual water and soda can be used mineral water.

According to the instructions, Limontar better to take food, but if you have discomfort, especially gravity, epigastric follow his techniques can be performed after a meal.This applies primarily to those patients who are taking in order to establish Limontar appetite.Such patients are usually required to receive 1 tablet 2-3 times a day.The appetite returns to normal within 3-5 days of preparation.

In order to prevent intoxication instruction to Limontaru recommends taking 1 pill 30-60 minutes before drinking.The associated with alcohol intoxication during the "hangover" of the drug take 1 tablet 2-4 times a day.During reception binge Limontara 1-2 tablets it is expedient to increase 3-4 times per day, the duration of the application in this case is 4-10 days.The same pattern of drug taking in the complex treatment of alcoholism.

When pregnancy Limontar taken only on prescription.That doctor will prescribe the necessary circuitry and duration of treatment.If morning sickness, the problem of gestation or fetal hypoxia already exist, Limontar take daily 1 tablet.If the assigned drug for prophylaxis of hypoxia or miscarriage, it is usually the doctor advises course application, which involves receiving Limontara 10 (or optionally more) days each trimester (12-14, 23-24, 35-36 weeks).

contraindications and side effects

Limontar not accept people with a heightened sensitivity to citric acid and / or succinic acid.Instruction Limontaru also does not recommend using the product in the following diseases:

1. Hypertension.The drug has the ability to raise blood pressure, for this reason, high blood pressure should start taking pills with ½.

2. Glaucoma.The drug also increases the intraocular pressure.

3. Coronary heart disease, particularly angina pectoris.

4. During Acute gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

5. Severe preeclampsia pregnancy late.

reviews Limontare confirm its good tolerability.In some patients, there is a feeling of heaviness and epigastric pain, which usually goes away within five minutes.In hypertensive patients during treatment with Limontara may increase blood pressure.

reviews Limontare

Limontar - one of the few drugs whose actions are satisfied almost all patients.According to the reviews, good Limontar eliminate hangover symptoms, and adopted before the meal preparation tablet is good preventive maintenance of drunkenness.

Limontar particularly well in the struggle with toxemia of pregnancy.Those pregnant women who are fully felt by all the "charms" toxicosis leave only positive feedback about Limontare.When the marked manifestation of nausea Limontar is a "lifeline", after which the use of the signs of toxicity significantly recede.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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