Laktofiltrum - instruction , application reviews


1. Pharmacological action laktofiltrum

2. Instruction laktofiltrum: indications for use

3. Laktofiltrum acne

4. Dosing laktofiltrum

5. reviews laktofiltrum: side effects and contraindications

6. Additionally

laktofiltrum is the sorbent of plant origin, which is used to normalize the intestinal microflora, and detoxification.The drug is characterized by immunomodulatory effects.

Laktofiltrum contains in its composition of two active substances: lactulose (prebiotic) and lignin (a natural enterosorbent).Pharmacological action


laktofiltrum One tablet contains: hydrolytic lignin (355 mg), lactulose (120 mg), and the ancillary components such as magnesium stearate and croscarmellose sodium.

manufacturer releases the drug in the form of tablets in the package contour (10 units), as well as polymeric vials (30 and 60 units).Lignin

being complex organic compound which is obtained by wood hydrolysis, it has the ability to bind and retain on their su

rface a number of various substances, in particular:

  • organic and inorganic compounds;
  • exotoxins;
  • endotoxins;
  • pathogens;
  • salts of heavy metals;
  • alcohol;
  • allergens;
  • drugs.

According to the instructions laktofiltrum, it is prescribed in cases of excess metabolic waste products in the body that can trigger the development of endogenous toxicosis, namely:

  • serotonin;
  • bilirubin;
  • histamine;
  • cholesterol;
  • urea.

The active ingredient of the drug - the lignin is not toxic, so it is not absorbed into the bloodstream and to the full output from the intestine within 24 hours, without disrupting the secretion and motility of the gastrointestinal tract.

second component acting laktofiltrum - lactulose prebiotics relate to synthetic and synthetic disaccharide.It is characterized by the property to be released in the large intestine without being absorbed in it, and the upper sections of the stomach.In the colon substrate performs the function prebiotic that stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.In the hydrolysis process in the colon lactulose able to form organic acids (lactic, formic and acetic) which inhibit reproduction and growth of pathogenic bacteria, and inhibit the synthesis of nitrogenous toxins of pathogenic flora.But by reducing the amount of nitrogen-containing substances in the intestine, stimulation occurs, and its improved peristalsis motility, as well as increasing osmotic pressure.

Thus, recycling of pathogens and the formation of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli leads to an effective remedy by the microflora of the colon, as well as the optimization of lipid, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.This improves the absorption of vitamins and trace elements from the colon and reduced the severity of toxic endogenous state of the organism.

According to reviews of laktofiltrum, when it is used there is an improvement of local immunity, as well as reducing the severity of allergic reactions and manifestations of intoxication.

Instruction laktofiltrum: indications for use

This sorbent is recommended in such cases:

  • restoration of normal intestinal microflora (including after the application of antibacterial drugs);
  • comprehensive treatment of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome);
  • complex therapy of liver cirrhosis and hepatitis;
  • complex treatment of allergic reactions: urticaria, atopic dermatitis;
  • therapy of a number of digestive disorders provoked by dysbiosis, in particular, flatulence, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, pain in the epigastric region;
  • complex therapy of chronic colitis;
  • treatment of infectious diseases of the digestive tract, such as salmonellosis and dysentery;
  • strengthening the immune system during the annual seasonal diseases.

indications for laktofiltrum are also a variety of poisoning and intoxication, viral and infectious diseases.In addition, the use Laktofiltrum acne, for hair loss and other cosmetic problems.

Laktofiltrum acne

As stated in the instructions to the testimony laktofiltrum are also acne and acne.According to experts, there is a very close connection between the state of the intestine and the skin automikrofloroy.It is proved that the intestinal microflora provides immunity maintaining the 70% that is the first obstacle to various infections and inflammations, including acne.Therefore, in an unhealthy state of the human intestine, due to intoxication, often develop on the face of pimples and acne.In turn, useful microorganisms contribute to optimum balance of sebum, whereby existing acne heal faster.Laktofiltrum exerts its action on two fronts: for the skin from the inside and outside, so are inflammation, reduces acne and skin gets a healthy appearance.

Dosing laktofiltrum

This drug is taken orally, 1 hour before eating or taking drugs, drinking with a sufficient amount of water.According to the instructions laktofiltrum, you can pre-crush tablet.

Scheme application laktofiltrum on indications, as follows:

  • adults and children over 12 years old should take 2-3 table.three times a day;
  • children 8-12 years - 1-2 tablets.three times a day;
  • children 3-7 years Table -1.three times a day;
  • children 1-3 years - Table 0.5.three times a day.

Duration of treatment is on average 2-3 weeks.If necessary, can be carried out repeated courses of therapy.

Laktofiltrum acne is recommended to take over 14 days.This result usually becomes noticeable in a week.

reviews laktofiltrum: side effects and contraindications

When using the drug in some cases, may have temporary side effects like:

  • diarrhea;
  • flatulence;
  • allergic reaction to certain drug substances.

laktofiltrum Application is contraindicated in patients with intestinal obstruction, galactosemia, gastrointestinal bleeding, as well as intolerance of the drug on a background of hypersensitivity to its components.With extreme caution should be used in patients with a drug such diseases as:

  • intestinal atony;
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (in the acute stage).

As regards the application laktofiltrum during pregnancy, then there is not enough information on the effectiveness and safety of use of this category of patients to date.


According to reviews of laktofiltrum experts, there is the influence of the drug on the absorption of other drugs the patient's body.So, while taking lignin, which is part of laktofiltrum, may reduce the effectiveness of medicines, connects them, making it impossible to prove their properties.Therefore, in treatment, it is desirable to comply with the interval between the application of laktofiltrum and other medicinal products for at least 60 minutes.

With regard to overdose, the high doses laktofiltrum may occur abdominal pain and constipation.In these cases, therapy involves the abolition of the drug.

Laktofiltrum should be stored in a dry, dark place at a temperature no higher than 30 ° C.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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