Berry raspberry - useful properties, application


1. composition and useful properties of arctic raspberry

2. Application arctic raspberry in folk medicine

raspberry - it is one of the most delicious and useful of northern berries.Raspberry is especially common in Siberia and the Far East, as well as in some other regions of Russia.But unlike most other wild fruits found in the Arctic and northern latitudes, raspberry berry is quite rare.The shape and size of the arctic raspberry fruits are very similar to raspberries, but they are markedly different kind of color, aroma and taste.

composition and useful properties of arctic raspberry

As part of the arctic raspberry contains a lot of glucose and fructose, carbohydrates, tannins, a number of organic acids (ascorbic, citric and malic), as well as essential oils.The raspberry lot of ascorbic acid (100 g fruit contains up to 200 mg of vitamin C), so its use is considered to be an excellent prevention of deficiency diseases as well as acute vitamin C deficiency (scurvy).

raspberry has a number of very valuable properties: this berry is able to exert an antipyretic, strengthening effect, and improve water-salt metabolism and help to improve other metabolic processes.Because of tannins, its member, the use of fresh or processed berries arctic raspberry favorable effect on the bowel.Medicinal properties of arctic raspberry widely used for the treatment of immunodeficiency diseases.It should be noted that possess valuable therapeutic properties not only fruits but leaves of the plant.

Typically, raspberry use as a general tonic and vitamin funds, raising immunity, as well as colds.However, arctic raspberry fruits and leaves are often used to treat other diseases such as bronchial asthma, gout, and intestinal disorders.

Application arctic raspberry in folk medicine

Arctic bramble berries have very good toning and firming effect.They are perfectly quench your thirst and have a moderate antipyretic effect - arctic raspberry these properties are particularly useful in the treatment of colds.In addition, arctic raspberry fruit is very useful to use in liver diseases and rheumatism.

As part of the arctic raspberry contains substances that improve the water-salt metabolism, so the benefits of this berry is very useful in the treatment of gout and kidney stones.Decoction of dried or fresh berries arctic raspberry, used in the form of infusions and rinsing throat - an excellent remedy for treating coughs and cataracts upper respiratory tract, as well as for the prevention of asthma attacks.

From arctic raspberry leaf teas and infusions are prepared.They are used not only to reduce the temperature and quench your thirst, but also as a restorative tonic and for various types of anemia, as well as for the treatment of intestinal infections and diarrhea in children.In addition, the leaves of the arctic raspberry make medical compresses to accelerate the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation and eliminate the exudate.Fresh leaves of the berry is also used in the treatment of diathesis in children: they are ground to a mushy state and applied to the skin, which helps to relieve allergic reactions and eliminate the hives.

raspberry useful to use both in fresh and in processed - in the form of jam, syrup or juice.When preforms often make this raw berry jam (berries, frayed sugar), such as in the form of raspberry incomparably it retains more nutrients than after the heat treatment.fruit can also be stored in a dried or frozen.Contraindications to the use of leaves and berries arctic raspberry is not available, except in cases of individual intolerance.


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