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1. Kiddie Pharmaton - pharmacological effect

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4. Instruction Kiddie Pharmaton

5. Contraindications

6. Side effects

Kiddie Pharmaton - a multivitamin and polymineral drug for children.Most children are happy to consume tasty and healthy syrup.But we must remember that vitamin supplements - is also taking drugs and they need to be in accordance with the instructions, and after consultation with the doctor.

Kiddie Pharmaton - pharmacological effect

syrup Kiddie Pharmaton helps make up for vitamin deficiencies in children of different ages.It is useful during periods of active growth and also during the recovery period after an illness or during any infectious disease.It is able to regulate the metabolic processes in the body, and to enhance the production of some vital life of biologically active substances, including hormones and enzymes.It helps to more fully digest your food all the nutrients fr

om it.In addition, Kiddie Pharmaton is able to normalize the activity of the nervous system, which is very important for hyperexcitable children and children with difficulties in concentration.

Product form Kiddie Pharmaton

drug called Kiddie Pharmaton produced in the form of syrup.Standard containers for this preparation have a volume of 100 ml and 200.They are also packed in cardboard boxes.Before use Kiddie Pharmaton syrup must be carefully shaken, since a precipitate may be formed on the bottom.

syrup may become unclear after a while.The reason for this - the presence of natural fruit syrup in the composition of the drug.When this syrup does not lose its properties, the content of nutrients in it and not decreasing its effectiveness is not reduced.

Indications Kiddie Pharmaton

The instruction to Kiddie Pharmaton clearly specified list of indications for the use of vitamin preparations.It must be remembered that the child himself or appoint vitamins alone is prohibited, as uncontrolled intake of multivitamin supplements can lead to hypervitaminosis, the consequences of which for the child's health is difficult to predict.

Kiddie Pharmaton According to the instructions prescribed in the period of active growth of the child, unless the power he can not get all the necessary nutrients, with vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis diagnosed if fixed the lack of vitamins and minerals after a long infectious disease.Most pediatricians recommend the use of vitamin and mineral complex in parallel with the observance of a low-calorie diet, as it can provoke a lack of vitamins in the body.

Kiddie Pharmaton for instructions shown children who for any reason do not get enough vitamins from food.Loss of appetite or severe deterioration of his, malnutrition is an indication to the use of vitamin and mineral complexes.Also reviews of Kiddie Pharmaton confirm its effectiveness in the recovery period after surgery and trauma.

Instruction Kiddie Pharmaton

Kiddie Pharmaton Syrup should be consumed inside before meals.If necessary, it can be mixed with water or food.Dosage depends on the age of the child.As a precaution, vitamin deficiency for children under three years are recommended to use 2.5 ml of syrup a day for children four to six years is recommended to use 3 ml per day, and school-age children is recommended to use 4 ml of syrup per day.

If a child locked vitamin deficiencies, the therapeutic dose of the drug to increase.Children under 7 years of age take 7.5 ml of the drug per day, and children over 7 years old take 15 ml.In addition, the doctor may prescribe an individual dosage of the drug.


There are a number of conditions in which the use of vitamin and mineral complexes, including Kiddie Pharmaton, is contraindicated.These include hypercalciuria, the D hypervitaminosis, hypercalcemia, kidney malfunctions, hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, as well as increased sensitivity to them.You can not use this vitamin complex if the patient currently receives vitamin D in the complex therapy.We do not recommend the use of this drug and lactation, if necessary, the breast feeding at the time will have to stop.

Side effects

Feedback from Kiddie Pharmaton ® is very well tolerated, and cases of negative impact on his body has not yet been fixed.It is also not aware of any negative interaction of this drug with other drugs.According to the cases of overdose of vitamin and mineral complex were recorded.Overdose symptoms are similar to symptoms of chronic poisoning by large amounts of vitamin D.

In the opinion of the Kiddie Pharmaton overdose usually appears in the form of stomach upset, headaches, arrhythmia, weight loss, and polyuria, also recorded the sensation of thirst and increased blood pressure.If you have any of these symptoms while taking this drug, you need to cancel the reception and contact your doctor.

If you do not stop taking the drug in time, the chronic poisoning can occur with vitamin D. It is fraught with disturbances of calcium distribution in the body, which can lead to its accumulation in the internal organs and soft tissues, causing failures in their work.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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