Viusid drug - use , instructions , reviews


1. structure and pharmacological action

2. Application Viusida

3. Instruction Viusidu

4. Contraindications and side effects

Viusid - a dietary supplement of natural origin, which includes in its membership a safe natural ingredients: amino acids, vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-virus components.The drug is available in packages of powder for oral administration.

structure and pharmacological action

As part Viusida contains:

  • vitamin C - 0.02 g;
  • vitamin B6 - 0.6 mg;
  • vitamin B12 - 0.4 g;
  • folic acid - 70 mg;
  • calcium pantothenate - 0,002 g;
  • amino acids glycine (0.4 g) and arginine (0.7 g);
  • zinc sulfate - 0.05 g;
  • glucosamine - 0.7 g;
  • malic acid - 0.4 g;
  • glycyrrhizin acid - 0.04 g

Supporting components included in the composition of the preparation - saccharin, maltodextrin, methylparaben, peppermint and lemon flavors.

Viusid has immunomodulating and tonic effect, as well as anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial action.

Clinical efficacy of Viusida explains the pharmacological properties of its components:

  • vitamin C - increases the production of collagen, improves iron absorption, enhances the formation of interferon, neutralizes the negative effects on the body of free radicals and helps to normalize metabolism;
  • vitamin B6 - provides proper assimilation of vitamin B12, as well as the synthesis of red blood cells and antibodies;
  • Vitamin B12 - has neuroprotective and antianemic effect, improves the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates;
  • folic acid - improves the synthesis of red blood cells, has a positive effect on the metabolism of proteins, improves the absorption of amino acids and sugars;
  • calcium pantothenate - is an important component providing cell division and synthesis of antibodies, and promotes normal transformation of sugars and fat into energy and improves adrenal function;
  • amino acid glycine - the most important components involved in the regulation of metabolic processes and form the structure of proteins, as well as to saturate the body creatinine;
  • amino acid arginine - increases the number and improves the quality of T-lymphocytes, thereby significantly increasing the immune defense, anti-tumor effect and has a healing effect, as well as reducing the level of urea in the blood;
  • zinc sulfate - contributes to the normal process of the formation of DNA and proteins, involved in the production of insulin;
  • Glucosamine - an antitumor and antiinflammatory action, exhibits antiviral activity against influenza and herpes agents;
  • malic acid - has antiviral and antioxidant effect, improves the absorption of iron;
  • glycyrrhizin acid - has anti-allergic and anti-oxidant effect as well as a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, it has antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Application Viusida

According to the instructions, Viusid prescribed as a tonic and reducing the drug in the following cases:

  • in chronic inflammatory diseases, including those involving allergic manifestations (asthma);
  • during epidemics of SARS and influenza;
  • the treatment and after the treatment of bacterial and viral diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis).

As pointed out reviews, Viusid is effective in eliminating the state of immunodeficiency, and improve the functionality of the immune system.In particular, the drug may be used for such diseases and disorders such as hepatitis B and C, cytomegalovirus, herpesvirus and papillomavirus infection, chronic fatigue syndrome.In some cases, Viusida application can be assigned to people with AIDS and cancer.

Instruction Viusidu

According to the instructions, Viusid should be taken after a meal, after dissolving the contents of the sachet in water or juice.The recommended dose of supplements for children over 6 years and adults is one sachet twice or three times a day.

The minimum duration of a course of the drug should be three months.In a review of Viuside coming from the specialists, it is indicated that the tool can be used for a longer time if necessary.

Contraindications and side effects

Application Viusida contraindicated if you are hypersensitive to the components of the drug, including a history.During pregnancy and breastfeeding preparation can be appointed only on doctor's advice.

reviews Viuside indicate that the additive in most cases does not cause negative impacts.Sometimes, however, may develop allergic reactions and dyspepsia.The most common side effect of the drug is in the second week of receiving a slightly pronounced bowel disorders.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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