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1. Pharmacological action baktisubtil

2. release form

3. Indications baktisubtil

4. Contraindications

5. RegulationsBaktisubtilu

Dysbacteriosis - one of the most common issues today, which is a microbial imbalance in the body or inside it.And most of dysbiosis of the digestive tract disturbs the smallest of patients, because children's digestive system is extremely vulnerable to various disorders.For the treatment of dysbiosis and acute intestinal infections in adults and children drug Baktisubtil created.This drug that restores the natural balance between beneficial and pathogenic gut bacteria.

Pharmacological action baktisubtil

The preparation includes dried Bacilluscereus strain of bacteria, which does not lose activity, passing through the stomach.Once in the intestine, bacteria take the vegetative form and restore the balance of intestinal flora, inhibit the action of putrefying bacteria, stimulate the processes of synthesis of vitamins B and R. According

to reviews Baktisubtil has antimicrobial effect, reduces the symptoms of diarrhea and restores the balance between beneficial and pathogenic micro-organisms in the gut, especiallyafter a course of antibiotic therapy.

Product form

Baktisubtil comes in the form of capsules in blister packs of 20 pieces.Each capsule contains 35 mg of dry powder Bacilluscereus bacteria, as well as auxiliary components - calcium carbonate, titanium oxide, gelatin and white clay.

Indications baktisubtil

baktisubtil wide range of applications associated with its ability to create an acidic environment in the intestine, which interferes with the processes of decay.Today it is one of the most popular probiotic that is assigned to people of any age, including pregnant and lactating women and nursing infants.The main application baktisubtil - an acute and chronic diarrhea of ​​various origins, intestinal dysbiosis, replacement therapy after a course of antibiotics, enteritis, enterocolitis, as well as prevention of intestinal disorders in chemo- and radiotherapy.Instruction Baktisubtilu recommends the use as an adjuvant in infectious diarrhea.Children's digestive system is most vulnerable to the action of microbes, as well as taking an unusual food during feeding.Therefore, in the arsenal of pediatricians in recent years it has increasingly featured Baktisubtil for children.According

reviews Baktisubtil considered one of the most effective, although not cheap medicines.But, although the drug is available without prescription, it is not recommended to use without professional advice.

Contraindications The main contraindications to the use of baktisubtil - hypersensitivity to the drug and its components.However, according to reviews Baktisubtil virtually no side effects.In rare cases, allergic reactions are possible.Instruction Baktisubtilu warns that the drug should not be taken with ethanol-containing drinks or drink a hot drink.The preparation is resistant to antibiotics and sulpha drugs, and can be administered simultaneously with them, without prejudice to the therapy.If diarrhea while taking the drug does not stop for more than two days, you should consult with a specialist.

Instruction Baktisubtilu

course of treatment with this probiotic takes 7-19 days.The drug is administered orally one hour before meals.Baktisubtil for children over three years shall be appointed in the amount of 3-6 capsules per day.Teenagers and adults appoint 4-8 capsules per day.Since children under three years of hard capsules to take, it is recommended to remove the contents and give the child a cool or warm liquid.


Product description posted on this page is a supplement and a simplified version of the official version of the annotations to the drug.The information is provided for informational purposes only and is not a guide to self-medication.Before using the product you should consult with a specialist and to get acquainted with the instructions approved by the manufacturer.

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