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2. Symptoms

3. Treatment and prevention of foot and mouth disease

Foot and mouth disease - a disease which is an acute infectious character.A person can get the virus from foot and mouth disease of cloven-hoofed animals, which says the disease.Less commonly, the disease enters the body of birds and rodents.


FMDV person can get infected when consuming milk and products made from it.The direct route of infection is marked at least - in this case a person gets an infection, taking care of animals: it penetrates through small wounds and scratches.Infection by droplets observed when sick animal sneezes or coughs per person.In addition, the recorded cases of human ingestion of FMDV from the flesh and blood of animals.The virus is parasitic in the skin and oral mucosa epithelium.It shows a very high resistance to external influences.Therefore, when freezing and drying for a long period, it can become active.For example, in dairy products, this virus is maintained e

ven during a month.About the same time, it preserves the viability and in the external environment.Typically, animal disease outbreaks occur periodically in the form of epidemics.Once an animal is recovering, it is still the bearer of the FMD virus and can then infect them human.From person to person the disease can not be transmitted.

Symptoms The incubation period usually lasts for about 3 days (sometimes it can be from 2 to 6 days).Symptoms of FMD infected person are manifested, above all, signs of intoxication.Disease begins acutely.The patient suffers from fever - the temperature can rise to a value of 39 ° C.There has been a headache, pain in the muscles, decreased appetite.A little later, the patient notes and other symptoms of foot and mouth disease.In the mouth, it witnessed a burning sensation in the process of chewing solid food manifests pain, mucous membrane of the mouth becomes inflamed.In some parts of the body (on the lips of the mouth, nose, near the nails, between the fingers) appear erosion bubbles.This disease in some way should be considered professional nature of the disease, since most of them infected people whose work is closely related to cattle and other animals.High body temperature during FMD in humans remains about 5-6 days.In the process of healing ulcers gradually epiteleziruyutsya.

most common symptoms of foot and mouth disease have been reported in children, adults get sick from this disease is much less common.After the patient recovers, it develops immunity to the disease which is dependent on the presence of antibodies had been ill person.In some cases, foot and mouth disease in humans occurs without marked clinical signs.

Treatment and prevention of foot and mouth disease

At present, specific treatment of this disease is not practiced.When foot and mouth disease, doctors recommend a patient to be sure in the acute period of practicing excessive drinking and stick to gentle diet.To eat it is necessary to fractionally, and the patient's diet light semi-liquid food should go.If the mouth appear purulent education, the patient is sometimes assigned a course of penicillin injections.Some local media to cauterize sores, such as silver nitrate solution also apply.

very important point in the development of disease prevention is the prevention of foot and mouth disease.The main measures of prevention of FMD is considered to be an exception from the diet of raw milk, and all the dishes prepared from it.Milk should always be thoroughly boiled or readability pasteurization.It is particularly important to adhere to prevention of FMD in places where recently recorded outbreaks of the disease among animals.If FMD ill pet, the person caring for them, must be taken very carefully to the personal hygiene.Prevention of foot and mouth disease also suggests wearing overalls in the care of sick animals.


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