Barley on the eye - symptoms and national treatment


1. How does barley

2. Barley children

3. How to cure barley

4. People's treatment of barley

5. Complications barley

stye - a disease from childhood familiar to each of us.In fact, barley is an acute purulent inflammation of the eyelash follicle or sebaceous gland, located near the eyelash follicles.The disease is a bacterial infection in 9 cases out of 10 - Staphylococcus aureus.Inflammation develops against the backdrop of a weakened immune system, but timely treatment stye place in the shortest possible time without complications and leaves no residue.

How does barley

The appearance of stye big role is played by two factors - weakened immune system and lack of hygiene.Sometimes, in order to place a bacterial infection, it is sufficient to rub eyes with dirty hands or use a towel, and sometimes the appearance of barley and plays the role of poor quality cosmetics.It therefore appears barley mainly in children and often during the colds.But in some cases, the dise

ase can cause gastrointestinal disease, diabetes mellitus or worms.

first barley symptom in children or adults - pain in the eye, which is sometimes accompanied by headache and fever.Over time, on the edge of the century there is a painful point, which is converted into lump.The patient feels itching, eyelid swells and reddens.Typically, an abscess formed in 2-4 days (ripe barley), which is opened with the release of pus and dead tissues.Trying to squeeze an abscess yourself you can not, because so you can extend and nfektsiyu.However, sometimes even without treatment stye is not mature, it simply disappears without opening the abscess.

Barley children

Adults safely carry the disease.But the emergence of barley in front of the child's complicated by the fact that children are less likely to monitor hand hygiene, and more likely to suffer from a weakened immune system.Parents also need to watch closely, that their child is not rubbed his eyes and tried to comb the site of inflammation, or to replace one barley comes another.The emergence of barley in the eye may also trigger long walks in the wind, and inflammatory chronic diseases.Barley in front of a child leads to a rapid development of edema century.Sometimes eye gap narrows so much that the eye does not open.The child shakes eyelid and headache.And barley can jump on both eyes.

If the stye of the child only began to appear, do not delay visit to the doctor.The sooner treatment is started, the more likely that the disease is not followed for relapse.For the treatment of barley in the eye of a child can use a sulfonamide, the dosage that is prescribed individually according to age, as well as sulfacetamide drops.With the development of domestic barley or barley outdoor running form require surgery followed by treatment with antiseptics.

How to cure barley

Some people believe that if you leave the barley alone, it will be by itself.Sometimes it happens, but not with weakened immunity, and not on the background of chronic diseases.

barley How to cure?At home, this can apply any ointment to relieve swelling and inflammation.You can try to gently burn the barley in the eye of iodine, brilliant green, rubbing alcohol, or any alcohol-containing drug.This preparation itself should be applied carefully, trying not to fall into the eye.The skin is gently smeared cauterizing tool 3-5 times a day - it will help stop the development of barley.If you do not have allergies to antibiotics, you can try to pawn for ever and ointments containing sulfanilamide or an antibiotic, or lubricate the skin in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinfiltration.However, before cure barley at home, try all the same to see a doctor, because the inflammation can often cause complications.

As it is impossible to treat barley?You can not make wet compresses and lotions, it can cause the spread of infection in adjacent ducts of the sebaceous glands and cause a relapse.You can not open or try to squeeze out the contents of barley, it also promotes inflammation.If you feel unwell, weakness or fever, seek medical attention immediately.The same should be done if the barley jumped again.

People's treatment of barley

Before treat barley folk remedies, should be clearly understood that the effectiveness of the method depends on the stage at which you apply it.In the first two days of inflammation can be applied is a popular treatment of barley as a dry heat - applied to the eye of hot boiled egg or potatoes.This speeds up the ripening of barley, but if it is ripe, rush of blood to the eyelid inflammation can spread to the surrounding eye tissue.

There are many ways people's treatment of barley in the later stages - the same extracts of medicinal herbs.However, they should not be higher than body temperature and applying them must be on a sterile cotton swab.Among the most famous recipes of national treatment can be mentioned barley attachment plantain leaves, lotion of 10% aloe juice, tincture of the kidneys or birch leaves and marigold flowers.Before using this or that method, make sure that you or your child is not allergic to the plant.

Complications barley

Such banal disease as a stye can cause serious complications - orbit cellulitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis or cerebral meningitis, and this, in turn, can lead to death.That's why you should not be irresponsible to treat the disease, let it take its course, and especially to try to "speed" recovery, squeezing abscess.What consequences could result similar self?One of the most common complications of barley in the eye - it meybomit or inflammation of the prostate cartilage century.Cartilage forms the shape of the century, when its ducts gets an infection, there is inflammation, acute or chronic.This lid also swells, turns red and sore, but infiltration is already in the thickness of the cartilage and can be seen only at reversing age, and revealed through the mucosa.Chronic meybomit can lead to conjunctivitis already.In both cases require treatment with antibiotics.


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