Gastric ulcer - symptoms, treatment , special diet


1. Symptoms of stomach ulcers

2. Treatment of gastric ulcers

3. specialized diet

Gastric ulcer - one of the most common diseases of the gastrointestinaltract.According to statistics, a stomach ulcer suffer from three to eighteen persons per thousand.

Under gastric ulcer is commonly understood as ulcers resulting from central nervous system disorders and hormonal mechanisms;endocrine ulcers;circulatory-hypoxic ulcers;allergic and toxic lesions of the gastric mucosa;Medicinal ulceration;specific gastric ulcers resulting from the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, syphilis, tuberculosis.

Among the main causes of gastric ulcer can distinguish the wrong ratio of gastric juices and mucus.The fact that in normal operation operates the stomach under the influence of the two main factors: aggressive (gastric juice) and protective (mucus).Thus, gastric ulcer arises owing to the predominance of aggressive factors protective.

In addition, the microorganism Helicobacter infection ca

n also cause the development of gastric ulcers, but according to statistics, only 20% of infected people celebrate at the development of the disease.Among other causes of gastric ulcers can be identified smoking and alcohol abuse, irregular meals, regular intake of certain drugs (eg, aspirin), a low level of immunity, abuse of hot, spicy or salty foods.

I antigens blood, nervous and physical strain, spinal injury and abdomen, vitamin deficiency, blockage of blood clots the blood vessels of the stomach, lack of sleep and rest, heredity, and strong anxiety, stress, depression and a negative emotions can cause the formation ofand the development of gastric ulcers.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers

symptoms of gastric ulcers are directly related to the location of the ulcer, the patient's age, as well as individual pain tolerance.Among the various symptoms of gastric ulcer can be isolated epigastric pain, which occurs usually after meals.Patients often say ulcer symptoms such as pyrosis, acid regurgitation, nausea after ingestion, vomiting and weight loss.

In order to properly diagnose the disease, the doctor examines the data fibrogastroskopicheskogo studies, as well as X-ray.In some cases, a biopsy is performed and taking the analysis of the gastric juice.

Treatment of gastric ulcers

Patients hospitalized for acute exacerbations of the disease.Treatment of stomach ulcer is based on the observance of a special diet, which is divided into three stages.In the first week of the treatment of gastric ulcers after admission assigned diet №1, and in the second week of the treatment of gastric ulcer - a diet № 1b.During the last week of hospitalization is assigned to a diet № 1.

Previously, treatment of gastric ulcers is the use of antacids (magnesium oxide, Almagelum and so on), enveloping, astringents, and antispasmodic agents such as papaverine hydrochloride, or No-spa.Currently, treatment of stomach ulcers is based on the use of antibiotic and anti-ulcer drugs such as Omez and others.

Driving treatment of gastric ulcers is chosen individually and depends on many different factors such as the patient's general physical condition, age, presence of concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (duodenitis, gastritis and so on).

To treat ulcers in the stomach should be taken seriously, since the disease can even lead to death.It is for this reason that the presence of the disease in any case should not self-medicate.In the event of the main symptoms of a peptic ulcer of the stomach it is recommended to immediately see a doctor and be diagnosed.Only after that can be given a course of treatment of gastric ulcer, the relevant laboratory and other data.

specialized diet

The main principle of the diet for gastric lies in the preparation of dishes that do not require lengthy and thorough mastication.Food is consumed in the process of dieting gastric ulcer should not chemically or mechanically irritate the lining of the stomach, cause increased secretion of gastric juice, or linger in the stomach for an extended period of time.

diet for gastric involves regular eating small meals at intervals of 3-4 hours.In this case, the reception at one time a large amount of food just is not allowed.Due to such fractional and frequent meals, as well as the uniformity of the original diet for gastric, reduced excitability of the nervous system.In the process of improving the patient's well-being can gradually expand the power.

diet for gastric also implies the exclusion from the diet is too hot or cold temperature should be between 15 ° C to 65 ° C.

During dieting gastric ulcer is very important to control the rate of salt, which is 8 to 10 grams.per day.It is recommended the complete elimination of salt from the diet or the reduction of its consumption to the bare minimum, because it is salt provokes the development of inflammation in the stomach.

should be excluded from the daily diet or to limit consumption of products that contribute to stimulation of gastric acid secretion, as a fundamental factor in the development of the disease is an imbalance of hydrochloric acid.In gastric ulcer is contraindicated consumption of products that contribute to strengthening of gastric juice.

In addition, the patient's daily diet is highly recommended to include liquid and pasty food, since it does not stay long in the stomach and does not cause active secretion of gastric juice.The chemical composition of food plays an important role in the speed of digestion products.Carbohydrates are derived from the stomach of the first proteins - second.Fats are digested longest.In connection with this circumstance in aggravation of the disease should be completely excluded from the diet of proteins in a pure form.

should not eat gastric ulcer products with crude cell walls, which mechanically irritate the gastric mucosal injury.Among these products can be distinguished radish, turnip, radish, beans, asparagus, peas with a rough skin, bread from wheat flour, gooseberries, figs, currants, grapes, poultry and fish skin, cartilage and stringy meat.


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