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1. Causes of ehsherihioza

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3. Diagnostics

4. Treatment ehsherihioza

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6. ehsherihioza children

This acute intestinal infection caused by coliform bacteria pathogenic character, its main manifestations are common intoxication, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestines, fever and dehydration as a whole.

Causes of ehsherihioza

As mentioned above, the agents of this disease are Escherichia coli, E. coli is that among the normal intestinal microflora stands out for its pathogenicity.These bacteria can survive for 3 months in water, soil (the environment) and related subjects.In order to deal with them is not enough conventional drying, their death occurs only in the process of boiling or under the influence of special disinfectants.Especially given the proliferation of E. coli observed in food products.

Symptoms In most cases, ehsherihioza appears immediately in the acute form, the duration of the incubation period, it does no

t exceed 8 days.In cases of mass infection of the newborn, as well as children weakened (immunocompromised) latent form of the disease course lasts only a day or two.

As symptoms are three main forms of ehsherihioza it:

- Mild at which marked fuzzy manifestation of symptoms of intoxication, characterized by general weakness and loss of appetite, other than that marked aching abdominal pain (moderate).In this case, loose stools up to 5 times a day, the body temperature remains constant.

- moderate forms expressed much brighter, there is increase in body temperature up to of 39 degrees, which is accompanied by fever, headache, and abdominal cramps.Loose stools in this form ehsherihioza with mucus, and it comes to the frequency of 10 times per day.

- Severe ehsherihioza, is also characterized by fever, but the chair becomes more frequent and often more than 10 five times per day.In this form of the disease pronounced dehydration as accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting.

Diagnosis For an accurate diagnosis of the disease is carried out bacteriological examination of feces, vomit, in some cases, blood, urine and bile.The procedure for seeding on nutrient media allows you to detect the presence of pathogenic E. coli, which is the causative agent of the disease, this is the main diagnostic ehsherihioza.Besides, as a result of laboratory tests can be diagnosed hemolytic anemia, as well as elevated levels of urea and creatinine.

Treatment ehsherihioza

For the selection of a proper course of treatment and its constituent drugs in the first place is determined by the severity of the disease, by properly conducted diagnostic ehsherihioza, then experts select treatment based on the patient's age and the period for which has already been the illness.

ehsherihioza Treatment should be under the supervision of specialists!

If during the diagnosis of severe ehsherihioza flow was identified, experts prescribe antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action.In other cases, most of these antibacterial agents are appointed by both nalidixic acid, or polymyxin nifuroxazide.

After completing the course receive antimicrobial drugs should therapy with probiotics, which include bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria.

To improve digestion appointed reception enzyme preparations, such mezim forte, festal or pancreatin.

When diagnosing dehydration, you need to quickly make up for the amount of fluid that has been lost.


ehsherihioza Treatment includes maintaining a certain diet, in which you need in your diet to reduce the amount of fats and digestible carbohydrates, while maintaining the normal protein intake.This diet also excludes all possible stimuli GI mucosal membranes (gastrointestinal tract), these include mustard, soft drinks, horseradish.Exceptions in the same subject: canned goods, meats, mushrooms, fatty meats (fish sausage), confectionery products (especially chocolate).

ehsherihioza children

Most often, the disease is diagnosed in children aged from 3 to 12 months, with a risk group are children who are bottle-fed and weakened by other underlying medical conditions (reduced level of immunity) and kidssuffering from dysbiosis.Diagnosis ehsherihioza children performed as well as in adults.Children ehsherihioza can be not only a single character, uncommon outbreaks.

Infection in most cases comes from the mother or from medical personnel, food contact-by, so is particularly important personal hygiene.

Artificial feeding entering dangerous E. coli through the milk mixture, or through the dishes, which was not well treated before use.

Treatment ehsherihioza children, aged up to 2 years held in infectious diseases hospitals, so when it detects the first signs it is necessary without delay to seek help from a specialist.


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