Cervical Erosion - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. reasons for cervical erosion

2. Symptoms of cervical erosion

3. Treatment

4. Traditional methods of treatment

Erosioncervix - a disease characterized by the appearance of small ulcers on the mucous membrane of the cervix.The presence of erosion increases the risk of cancer, but is not a precancerous condition.

reasons for cervical erosion

True cervical erosion - a defect of cervical mucosa, which is quite rare and there for 10-14 days and then heal.

However, to date, cervical erosion is called by another process.The fact that the neck portion covers the vaginal stratified squamous epithelium (MBE), while in the cervical canal are located in one layer other cylindrical cells.

Zone junction of these two tissues can be shifted on the surface of the cervix under the influence of various factors.Thus, microorganisms that are in the vagina, as well as acidic affect columnar epithelium cells that contributes to chronic inflammation.Note that the columnar epithelium has

no protective effect, so it is not able to prevent penetration of bacteria or viruses in the uterus and cervix.In medicine, this defect is called ectopia or pseudo.

can distinguish lowered immunity, as well as mechanical cervical lesions among the most common causes of cervical erosion.Besides sexual infections such as human papillomavirus or genital herpes, can also cause cervical erosion.

Among other causes of erosion can be identified intrauterine gynecological interventions, such as obstructed labor, abortion or formed gaps.

Symptoms of cervical erosion

Symptoms of cervical erosion does not have a significant impact on the health of women.The disease does not cause pain in the abdomen, and does not manifest itself in the process of sexual intercourse.This circumstance is due to the lack of sensory receptors in the cervix.In some cases, sexual intercourse occurs a symptom of the erosion, as minor bleeding or sukrovichnye selection.Upon detection of the symptoms of cervical erosion need to be sure to contact the appropriate medical attention.

During the examination the doctor-gynecologist can detect a symptom of cervical erosion, as a bright red portion small.In order to diagnose accurately, should undergo additional examination (colposcopy).

Colposcopy - cervical examination procedure, which is carried out using a special optical device.This instrument allows to better see the damaged areas and, consequently, to put a more accurate diagnosis.The duration of the examination is 20 minutes.It should also be noted that colposcopy - a procedure absolutely painless.In addition it enables to produce damaged cervical biopsy site.This biopsy is carried out only if the doctor in the course of colposcopy found a suspicious site.

Although mild symptoms, the disease requires special treatment.In some cases, there may be a spontaneous epithelialization process of erosion, which ultimately leads to the formation of defective epithelium.

Treatment Treatment of cervical erosion is appointed by the results of the full survey.It should be noted that the question of choice gynecologist and treatment regimens need to be treated with special attention, especially when a woman is planning to have children in the future.

Some time ago, the treatment consisted of cauterization of erosion of its electric shock.However, this procedure is characterized by a number of drawbacks, such as a sufficiently long period of healing, as well as the occurrence of complications, leading to the formation of rough scars.

In some cases, as a result of the treatment of cervical erosion can occur narrowing of the external opening (or throat) of the cervical canal, which can cause problems in the future pregnancy and childbirth.In view of these circumstances, this method of treatment today is used much less frequently.The currently preferred treatment methods such as cryosurgery, that is, freezing by liquid nitrogen;radio-wave method and laser coagulation.

Cryodestruction can lead to cervical shortening and narrowing of the external os.For this reason, recently actively applied radio wave method or laser coagulation.

treatment of cervical erosion surgical laser - one of the most preferred methods, which affects the modified portion and simultaneously controls bleeding.This method of treatment hardly causes complications and scarring.The operation is performed only under the supervision and control of a physician.Furthermore, the method of treatment allows to control exposure depth, as recovery takes much less time than other methods.

In some cases, the treatment of cervical erosion is performed minor surgery, called cone biopsy.This operation is shown in case a result of significant changes biopsy cells or atypical cells were found.Operation cervical plasty is recommended after a difficult birth.

Traditional methods of treatment

Among the most popular folk remedies when erosion can be identified douching solution of calendula tincture in a ratio of 1 teaspoon of tincture 2% to 0.25-1 glass of water.Also celebrated folk remedies such as 20% propolis tincture and calendula, 15 ml of which must be mixed with 50 g of lanolin.To begin with cervical secretion must be removed, and then enter a tampon with ointment.The tampon 10 should be removed after hours, and it is administered once a day at night.

Tampons with sea buckthorn oil - another effective folk remedy for cervical erosion.The duration of treatment is 8-10 days.

In the treatment of erosion is also applied mummy, 2.5 g of which must be dissolved in a glass of water 0.5.In this solution, moisten a tampon which is then inserted into the vagina.

Among other folk remedies in cervical erosion can be distinguished herb St. John's wort, 4 tablespoons of which must be filled with 2 liters of hot water and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.Next, the vehicle must stand 20 minutes, after which it can be used for irrigation.

before and after the menstrual cycle is recommended to apply to the erosion of tissue treated with 4% th solution mummy.In this case, the duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks.It should be noted that during treatment should refrain from sexual activity.

Also during the treatment can be applied tincture of eucalyptus.One teaspoon of tincture should be diluted in a glass of warm boiled water and use the resulting solution for syringing.


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