Erythrasma - causes, symptoms, treatments


1. Causes erythrasma

2. main symptoms of the disease, in particular inguinal erythrasma

3. disease diagnosis

4. Treatment erythrasma

5. disease prevention

erythrasma - a disease of the skin caused by a bacterium called Corynebacterium minutissimum.

for this type of disease is characterized by loss of the upper layer of the epidermis.At the same time at the hairline, and nail plate erythrasma not shown.Typically, erythrasma often faced by males.With the help of a specialized lamp Wood can be considered characteristic redness in the affected areas of the skin.

Causes erythrasma

risk of erythrasma increased as a result of non-compliance with basic rules of personal hygiene.Among the main causes of onset of symptoms allocate increased sweating, disruption of the normal pH of the skin, the presence of mechanical damage to the skin, as well as regular stay in a humid atmosphere.It should also be noted that the pathogen itself erythrasma can be quite a long time on the

skin, at the same time does not prove itself.Provoke the disease can be favorable conditions for bacteria.

erythrasma patient should take special care to treat subjects of personal hygiene.The disease can be transmitted through everyday, on the beach, in the pool or as a result of sexual contact with a carrier of infection.

The main symptoms of the disease, in particular inguinal erythrasma

As practice shows, the most susceptible to it erythrasma men.This circumstance is due to some peculiarities in the structure of the skin in males, as well as frequent them sweating.Erythrasma usually distributed in skin folds, because in this region there are favorable conditions for bacteria, resulting from high temperature and humidity.The main areas of localization of bacteria are the armpits, inner thighs, interdigital folds, the folds of the stomach, and the foreskin of the penis.One of the most common forms of the disease is the inguinal erythrasma.At the fair sex, the disease is most often seen under the breasts.It should also be noted that erythrasma exposed mostly older people.

a result erythrasma infection on the skin of the patient emerge clearly scribed spots reddish-brown or yellowish-pink shade.The spot size formed on the skin, may correspond to a small, barely perceptible point or up to several centimeters.Most often take the form of round spots with more intense staining at the edges.Also stains from erythrasma tend to merge and thereby form a large affected area enough.The majority of patients have skin peeling.

erythrasma long time can does not manifest itself, so it is often appropriate spots found quite by accident.However, as a result of a secondary infection may occur itching and discomfort in the affected area.

When erythrasma running form can become chronic, which implies periodic occurrence of remissions and exacerbations.In this case, as a rule, the disease exacerbation falls on a warm summer, when advancing the most favorable conditions for the development and reproduction of bacteria.

Diagnosis Diagnosis of the disease

"erythrasma" shall be made on the basis of the inspection carried out by the patient, as well as a careful study of the affected areas under a Wood's lamp.Also, microscopic studies, which resulted in the case of erythrasma, found grouped or arranged chain thin, winding septate filaments and coccoid cells can be carried out.Under the rays of the lamp Wood affected area becomes reddish-pink color, which is caused by bacteria in the secretions of a water-soluble porphyrin.Before you go to a specialist for diagnosis, in any case can not be washed or treated by any means the affected skin.The fact that a particular coloring pigment secreted by the bacteria, whereby often diagnosed with the disease, can be washed off.

For inguinal erythrasma characteristic ridges on the edges of the spots and the corresponding inflammation and blisters.It should be distinguished from rubromikoz groin groin erythrasma.These types of illnesses have similar symptoms, but in the presence of rubromikoza edge of emerging spots are broken as opposed to the groin erythrasma where appropriate spots have solid edge.

Treatment erythrasma

During treatment erythrasma used specialized disinfecting ointment, among which are especially popular eritromitsinovaya and sulfur-tar ointment.On average, erythrasma treatment lasts about seven days, during which requires not less than twice a day treating affected areas ointment.In the case of secondary infection it is recommended to use 5% salicylic alcohol or 2% alcohol tincture of iodine.

In the event of a severe form of the disease, affecting extensive areas of the skin, the treatment involves the use of antibiotics erythrasma.In order to improve the efficiency of medical procedures can be more likely to sunbathe or spend a few sessions of ultraviolet radiation.With these methods of skin will be quickly dried and, respectively, to heal faster.It should also be noted that in the event of erythrasma one of the family members, immediately disinfect all items of personal hygiene and clothing of the patient in order to avoid contamination remaining households.Also during the passage of the treatment of patients erythrasma, his clothes should be washed and then carefully to iron a hot iron on a daily basis.

After recovery, even during the month of skin folds should be treated with 2% salicylic alcohol and talc.These procedures prevent re-infection.

disease prevention

basic rule, with which you can reduce the risk of erythrasma to a minimum, a basic personal hygiene, providing daily hygienic procedures.It should be remembered that after taking a shower or a hot bath, you should wipe dry all skin folds, in order to prevent the accumulation of germs.

Since the main cause of excessive sweating erythrasma is one of the most reliable and effective measures to prevent the occurrence of disease is to reduce the level of sweating in places of potential exposure.For this purpose it is necessary to regularly use deodorant, give preference to clothes made of natural fabrics, and carefully monitor the cleanliness and dryness of the skin folds.In addition, buying new clothes, to wearable it is recommended to wash.


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