Epididymitis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatments


1. Causes

2. Acute epididymitis

3. Chronic epididymitis

epididymitis - a disease that is caused by inflammation of the epididymis.The epididymis is located on its rear surface, closely adhering thereto.He goes into the vas deferens.


primary cause of epididymitis is the penetration of infection in the epididymis of the urethra (urethra) through the vas deferens.

In men aged 35 years most often are infections, sexually transmitted infections.The greatest risk of developing the disease in this case are chlamydia.According to statistics, 50% of young men is Chlamydia can become a cause of acute epididymitis.

Men over age 50 suffer from this disease is mainly caused by infection by intestinal microorganisms that cause urinary tract infectious disease, for example, pyelonephritis (kidney infectious disease), cystitis (inflammation of the bladder).These microorganisms include Pseudomonas, E. coli, Proteus, enterococci, klebsiella and others.In some cases, epididymitis

may provoke a viral infection or tuberculosis.

Factors contributing to the beginning of the disease, there are frequent overcooling, resulting in deteriorating blood circulation scrotum.

epididymitis sometimes caused by surgery or trauma to the testicle, spermatic cord, epididymis.To prevent this, after the injury to the scrotum and surgery on her organs patient prescribed anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial drugs.

inflammation of the epididymis may occur with prolonged use urethral catheter and of careless care of him.

There are cases of epididymitis appearance after sterilization of men (ligation or removal of the vas deferens).This happens due to the accumulation of sperm that come from the testes to the epididymis and can not resolve the correct speed.

Acute epididymitis

The share of acute epididymitis accounts for about 10% of acute urological diseases.The disease usually occurs in young men 20-30 years.Often the disease is accompanied by acute orchitis (testicular inflammation).

infection in this case there is hematogenous (through the bloodstream), lymphogenous (via lymph) intrakanalikulyarno (ascending infection on the vas deferens).

About 30% of cases of acute epididymitis provoked by pathogenic microflora due to lower immunity.Approximately the same number of cases related to the diseases that are sexually transmitted.

epididymitis symptom is the sudden, abrupt onset of illness.Intense pain begins on one side of the scrotum.At the same time the skin at the site of inflammation reddens, swells.Scrotum from destruction increases in size.The patient appears pain during urination.Pain gives to the sacrum, lower back, groin, amplified even with a slight movement.Palpation of the scrotum that causes severe pain to the man.In some cases, the patient appears epididymitis secondary edema (accumulation of edema fluid).

In addition to pain, the symptoms of acute epididymitis forms include a significant increase in body temperature.It can reach 39-40 ° C.In this case the patient suffers from a total intoxication.With timely proper treatment of epididymitis improvement occurs within 2-3 days.

diagnosis of disease in an acute form usually presents no difficulties.The doctor examines the patient and assigns scrotal ultrasound using Doppler.This study makes it possible to set the stage epididymitis, detect the lesions, to clarify the tactics of treatment.In addition, conduct laboratory testing of blood, urine, urethral swab to infectious agents.

Treatment of acute epididymitis form provides for mandatory bed rest and immobilisation of the scrotum to provide peace of mind.local cooling of the scrotum (cryotherapy) is applied at the early stages of the disease.

to destroy pathogens in the treatment of the disease the patient is prescribed antibiotics.Most often used pefloxacin, Ceftriaxone, kanamycin.

In the treatment of epididymitis in the acute form of conduct anti-inflammatory therapy, vitamin therapy.To reduce the pain administered novocaine blockade.Local patients apply compresses Dimexidum and other medical solutions.Effectively used in the treatment of disease immunocorrection with intravenous sodium hypochlorite solution.This procedure stimulates cellular immunity, phagocytosis (capture and absorption of living organisms by phagocytes), reduces the oxygen deficiency of cells, has a bactericidal effect.

After reducing the acute manifestations of epididymitis patient appoint reflexology, physiotherapy, balneotherapy.

With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment of epididymitis patient may receive portions of purulent lesions and tissue destruction.In this case, the only way it becomes radical surgery - the removal of the epididymis, or testis itself.

Chronic epididymitis Chronic epididymitis

called inflammation in the epididymis, which continues for more than six months.It is less common than the acute form of the disease, but, in this case, has more severe consequences.

characteristic symptom in chronic epididymitis is a pain in the scrotum without increasing it.

This form of the disease usually develops as a result of undertreated acute stage.

This often appear fibrotic seal one lobe or appendage.Symptoms of epididymitis doctor can feel by palpation.The epididymis is somewhat increased in size and becomes thickened.In addition, it can be felt across the thickening of the vas deferens and the spermatic cord.

patient epididymitis chronic forms are often observed changes in the sperm.Because of this, the sperm fertilizing capacity can be significantly reduced or completely lost.

Treatment of chronic epididymitis begins with its diagnosis.Diagnosis is examined by a doctor, laboratory studies of blood, urine, urethral smear, ultrasound.

therapy of the chronic form of the disease is almost the same as in the acute form.Greater attention to the treatment of chronic epididymitis is given to methods of physical therapy and local treatment.The most commonly used physical therapy methods such as electrophoresis with absorbable drugs and enzymes, laser therapy.

For effective treatment of this disease is very important to timely seek medical help.Delays in treatment facing very serious consequences for the male reproductive system.


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