Athlete - types , shapes , symptoms, treatments


1. Types and causes of the disease

2. Symptoms and treatment of jock itch

3. Symptoms and treatment of athlete's foot

Athlete - this is one ofthe most common fungal infection that affects the skin and nails.The causative agent of the disease are three types of fungi Epidermophyton: Epidermophyton inguinale (Epidermophyton floccosum), Epidermophyton Kaufmann-Wolf (Trichophyton interdigitale, mentagrophytes) and Epidermophyton rubrum (Trichophyton rubrum, purpureum).

Types and causes of the disease

There are two kinds of athlete: groin, which affects the skin folds in the groin and can spread to other parts of the body, and athlete's foot, causing skin lesions and nails on the feet only.

Athlete refers to contact infections.The disease can be transmitted from the vehicle of fungal infection to healthy people in everyday life or in public areas - basins, baths, saunas, showers.The cause of the fungus can also become a manicure or pedicure, performed poorly sanitized tools.

favorable conditions for the emergence of the fungus are lesions of the skin, excessive sweating, wearing clothing made of synthetic fabrics, poor circulation, problems with the endocrine system and prolonged exposure to high humidity and temperature.Athlete's foot also contribute to flat and long wearing rubber shoes.

Symptoms and treatment of jock itch

This type of athlete in women occurs on the order of less than men.In men, the infection is most often localized in large skin folds (inguinal, femoral and mezhyagodichnoy), gradually moving in the pubic area, underarms and chest.In addition to the athlete in women groin, buttocks, thighs and armpits can be severely impaired skin folds under the breast.

primary skin lesions with jock itch are small bright pink spots with clearly defined boundaries, which are located on damaged areas of the body symmetrically.Gradually the spots take the form of bubbles, grow and form large affected area.The disease is chronic.In the spring and summer it can deteriorate, which is manifested in the form of itching, burning and soreness of the skin.

As a rule, the treatment of athlete's performed on an outpatient basis.Hospitalization of patients is necessary only in severe forms of the disease and systemic manifestations of mycosis.The main measures are used in the athlete - treatment by rubbing the affected skin alcohol solutions, then the use of antiallergic drugs inside and antifungal topical.

In the last stages of the disease in the affected areas often form large bubbles, which in the course of treatment of athlete's opened using sterile instruments.Lots chapped skin are also removed from infected surfaces and then begin processing them.

Symptoms and treatment of athlete's foot

the first sign of infection are tingling and peeling in the interdigital spaces.Affected areas are becoming more painful, and interdigital spaces erosion appears that without timely treatment of infection gradually covers the entire back surface of the foot and comes to heels.

The disease is characterized by chronic course and can worsen during the warmer months.Symptoms of infection (severe itching, burning, skin damage) and may progress due to wearing tight shoes and synthetic clothing.

Approximately one third of patients with athlete's foot athlete also found nails.As a rule, it is a fungal disease most commonly affects the big toe and the little toe of the foot, as these fingers are most vulnerable to traumatic influences shoes.

When athlete's nails appear yellow spots and stripes, which gradually increases.As the disease subungual horny deposits also become yellow.Without timely treatment of athlete eventually nail the deformation and destruction of the nail plate.

external antifungal agents are assigned the initial stages of athlete.In severe forms of the disease used complex treatment, which in addition to the outdoor treatment of affected areas include antibiotics.Prevention athlete, which is carried out after the end of treatment, including disinfection of footwear and socks, as well as the treatment of hyperhidrosis.


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