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epidermal cyst is one of the most common cystic skin growths.There are epidermal cysts in people of any age, but in most cases they occur in young and middle age.The formation of epidermal cyst begins with the creation of a closed cavity in the dermis of the hair follicle epithelium or epidermis and fill the cavity with sebum and horny masses.

epidermal cyst, called atheroma, belongs to the group of keratin cysts.The reason for its occurrence is the blockage of the excretory follicle sebaceous gland.The forerunners of the possible occurrence of epidermal cysts are acne rash.

In most cases, there are single epidermal cysts in the form of subcutaneous or intradermal unit diameter from 0.5 to 5.0 cm. These nodes communicate with the skin surface through the pores filled with keratin.When the accumulation of keratin produced by the shell, and increase the size of the cyst.

Localized cystic formation of this type on the face, ne

ck, chest, upper back or on the scrotum.In rare cases, form multiple cysts in which the cystic wall is formed of stratified squamous epithelium with a well-formed granular layer.

clinical picture

Content cyst has a pasty consistency and unpleasant pungent smell of rancid cheese.In its structure are abundantly present keratin and lipids.Color cystic contents light beige or cream.The most dangerous position cyst is its location in the scrotum.In this case, the probability of its calcification, since the cyst wall is quite thin and easily torn.Contact cystic contents into the dermis at break wall leads to inflammation.A cyst itself thus considerably increases in diameter and becomes very painful.There are difficulties in diagnosing the cyst rupture in the scrotum, and this process is often mistaken for a secondary infection.

epidermal cysts appear spontaneously.In most cases, the development of cysts occur in areas of friction.It should be noted that the epidermal cysts are thin shell, which is why they break often occurs.wall rupture leading to acute reaction to a foreign body horny masses that have come into the dermis, acute inflammation develops.

When inflammation epidermal cysts are painful on palpation, and warm to the touch and sluggish.Sterile inner horn and purulent masses are directed upwards and can seep to the surface.

In most cases the inflammatory process subsides.

epidermal cysts grow quite slowly and gradually reach their maximum size, they persist indefinitely.

If cystic formation located on the face, neck, scalp or in the ear, it happens quite often his injury, which is why developing inflammatory changes and broken shell.

In the presence of multiple epidermal cysts on the face, back, and the hair of the head area of ​​the patient examined for the presence of Gardner syndrome.Occurs is an autosomal dominant disorder is quite rare and is associated with adenocarcinoma of the colon and intestinal polyposis.

Treatment of epidermal cysts

usually do not require special medical treatment of epidermal cysts.If necessary, make opening cysts, especially if they are localized on the face.After opening the cyst, in the place of its location there is scarring of the skin.However, arbitrary or forced cyst rupture is not the best method of getting rid of cystic education, especially when it comes to formations on the face.Much more aesthetic appearance have the cyst removed using surgical excision.Therefore, in most cases there is no need to wait for an arbitrary discontinuity cystic formation, it is better to give preference to the cosmetic results after surgical excision.

In addition, as noted above, to remove cysts after they rupture or dissection is quite problematic, so often the cyst recurs.

With the localization of epidermal cyst formations in other areas of the body (neck, ear and so forth.) Specific treatment is not required.Surgical treatment of epidermal cysts should be in the presence of symptoms, ie,with pain.It is also necessary to remove not only symptomatic but also recurrent cysts.

If, however, there was an arbitrary or forcible opening of the cystic formation on the skin, it must be drained under local anesthesia.Inflamed cysts and also reveal the inner contents are removed.

Epidermal cyst with a large diameter, reaching 2-5 cm, can cause symptoms of the tumor so as spend their surgical removal.In cases where cystic formation located close to the brain, or adjacent to its essential structures, absolute removal of the tumor is not always possible.Upon reaching the intermediate results of the removal of the cyst, for several years the patient is seen by a doctor and regularly passes MRIs.This will help to quickly identify relapse.

more rarely used such a method of treatment of epidermal cysts like radiosurgery using the latest technology "Gamma Knife".Such common methods such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which are often used to treat various tumors, in the case of the treatment of epidermal cysts do not apply.


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