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1. Nature diseases

2. symptoms and for mumps in children

3. Possible complications of mumps in children

4. Treatment of mumps

5. Prevention mumps

mumps - an acute disease, popularly referred to as "mumps" or "pig", characterized by general intoxication, fever and lesions of the salivary glands.Also mumps virus can affect the sex glands, the pancreas and the nervous system.


causative agent of mumps - containing RNA virus that is highly contagious, combined with a low resistance in the environment.For a virus harmful heat, ultraviolet irradiation, exposure to disinfectants.Low temperatures help to preserve the pathogen, so peak incidence occurs in the off-season.

Mumps is a so-called "childhood infections".In young patients aged under 15 years account for 90% of the total number of diseases.Adults get sick less often, the disease is transferred to a more severe form.For both age groups characterized by one feature - males suffer almost twice as often as fema


Repeated disease mumps impossible, as life-long immunity is produced in the body.

symptoms and for mumps in children

already 1-2 days before the onset of obvious symptoms of the disease the child may feel malaise and weakness, complaining about the loss of appetite, insomnia, muscle pain and headache,and, most importantly, it is already a carrier of infection.Further rise in body temperature occurs to 38-40 ° C, there is a defeat of the salivary glands.Most often increase parotid gland, but quite often the inflammatory process captures and submandibular and sublingual glands.The symptoms of mumps grow for 3-5 days.The neck and the face of a child becoming puffy, the skin over the inflamed gland tight and shiny, ears ottopyrivayutsya.The acquired patient appearance and gave the second name of mumps - mumps.

Heat, painful inflammation and swelling of the glands may persist for 5-7 days, to the day of 8-10 disease is on the decline.

Possible complications of mumps in children

Intrigue of this disorder is that it can affect other glands and central nervous system in addition to the salivary glands.Once in the blood, the virus can cause acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), orchitis (inflammation of the testicles), oophoritis and ovariita (ovarian inflammation), viral meningoencephalitis, and lead to defeat the organ of hearing or deafness.

The most dangerous complication of mumps in children - the development of meningitis.The risk of its occurrence is more than 10%.At the same time 80% of all cases of serous meningitis in children - is mumps meningitis.Most often, meningitis pig joins for 4-7 days after onset of the disease, after the increase of the salivary glands.But in some patients nerve damage occurs simultaneously with damage to the salivary glands (up to 30% of cases) or even precedes it (10% of patients).The sharp deterioration of the child's condition, a fever, a new leap in temperature to 39 ° C or above, severe headache, muscle rigidity nape (of dramatic tension), vomiting - symptoms, for which you should call an ambulance immediately.

Treatment of mumps

Standard treatment for mumps is conducted at home.In the area of ​​the affected salivary glands dry heat is applied.In order to avoid additional load on the pancreas to appoint a special milk-vegetable diet: split meals in small portions, reducing the amount of fat consumed, pasta, white bread, cabbage.Valid: black bread, potatoes, rice.At the same time, any food should be well shredded or liquid.After each meal rinse your mouth must be 2% soda solution or by any other means prescribed by the doctor.

During treatment, mumps is extremely important to ensure the patient bed rest, especially during the first ten days of the disease.According to statistics, non-compliance with this condition, the risk of orchitis is increased three times.

If there are any complications treatment of mumps occur in the walls of the hospital under medical supervision.

Prevention mumps

considered us dangerous complications of mumps make no doubt of the importance of disease prevention.Widespread quarantine methods in children's groups.Effectively established itself early isolation of the patient to complete his recovery.Children who were in contact with him, it is prohibited for 21 days to visit the children's institutions.However, the quarantine - this is not the best way out of the situation, because in 30% of cases the disease may be asymptomatic, and therefore not always possible to detect the source of infection.

Therefore, the most effective method for preventing mumps - vaccines.Vaccination against mumps is carried out in 1-1.5 years and 6 years.

In order to prevent mumps vaccinations are adult men and not previously vaccinated and not have suffered the disease in the past.


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