Nocturnal enuresis in children and adults - causes, treatment


1. Enuresis in children: types and causes

2. Causes of enuresis in adults

3. Treatment of diseases

Enuresis - enuresis, whichIt manifests itself unconscious acts of urination at night in people older than 5 years.It should be noted that the term "enuresis" is meant bedwetting - nocturnal enuresis, and such a concept as "daily enuresis" in medical practice is not used.

Enuresis in children: types and causes

Bedwetting in children is very common, often suffer from the boys (60%), at least the girls (40%).According to statistics, every tenth child of six years there is a problem of bedwetting.

There are primary and secondary enuresis.The diagnosis of "primary enuresis" put children older than 5 years, which in the absence of urological, neurological and other disorders wet the bed.Secondary (acquired) diagnosed enuresis in children and adults if the urination disorder occurs after six months, the so-called "dry" nights.

main reason for nocturnal enuresis in children - the

immaturity of certain elements of the nervous system that regulate urination.Precipitating factors of nocturnal enuresis: nightmares, traumatic situations, unfavorable psychological climate around the baby, moving, and especially congenital bladder.Some studies confirm the hereditary nature of the disease, if someone from the family members had a problem with bedwetting, the probability of occurrence of enuresis in a child increases significantly.

Please be aware that the use of diapers the baby has no relation to the appearance of his enuresis.

Most doctors of the opinion that a child needs to learn to control the situation with urination during the day - up to 4 years, at night - up to 6 years.Some sources indicated other rules.However, not so much on rules you should pay attention as the trend to recovery, which are in a smooth increase in the number of "dry" nights.If, however, to 6 years in the apparent trend towards recovery is not observed, the "wait and see" tactic is replaced by concrete actions with a view to the treatment of enuresis.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember to parents: do not force the child psychologically, no accent on the problem of excessive attention.Moreover, in any case, do not punish the kid for what he urinated in the bed.Remember, nocturnal enuresis - (!) It is an unconscious act of urination, the child is unable to control it.

Despite this, statistics show that every third parent still punishes nothing guilty child, then the result comes growing problem of enuresis.

Causes of enuresis in adults

Enuresis in adults is rare, but there are, according to statistics, 0.5% of adults have a problem with urinary incontinence during sleep.Teenagers suffer from this disease more often in every hundred patients with enuresis have 4-5 adolescents.

Due to the sensitivity of adult disease are often left with the problem alone.She, meanwhile, significantly overshadows the daily life of the patient and makes it difficult social adaptation.

enuresis in adults is often a consequence of the infection of the urinary tract, as well as stress, nervous overstrain, unrest and trouble urinating does not disappear with the stabilization of the emotional state.

In some cases, enuresis in adults is the result of a malfunction of the bladder, which is expressed his "hyperactivity" and manifested frequent urination, involuntary upuskaniem incontinence and other disorders.Such disorders may be the same when the bladder muscles are weakened, inelastic its wall, and the bubble is reduced in volume.

Women enuresis occurs when damage to the bladder as a result of a difficult birth, in men the disease is closely associated with BPH.

Remember, treatment of enuresis in adults - it is always a difficult and lengthy process.

Treatment of diseases

main factor in the treatment of enuresis in children - time.With age, all the elements of the nervous regulation are improved, so over time the problem of nocturnal enuresis disappears in 99.5% of children.It will be only 0.5% of children who are below and will need comprehensive treatment of enuresis.

enuresis treatment of children and adults includes the following steps:

1. Conducting motivational psychotherapy.For each "dry" night Praise the child for a certain number of nights motivate it, such as a new toy.As the ratings of most parents, motivational therapy often works better than other methods of treatment of enuresis in children.For adolescents and adults, it helps good method of self-hypnosis, the essence of which is repeated many times about the following phrase: "I always wake up in a dry bed.If I want to help, then quickly get up ".

2. Bladder training.It can be carried out in a playful way.Ask your child for some time to hold a campaign in a toilet.This method of treatment of enuresis can be used only when you are completely sure that the baby's kidneys are healthy.Special methods of bladder training designed for adults.

3. Proper fluid intake.The daily fluid volume should be divided as follows: up to 12 hours of the day - 40% of the daily norm, up to 18 hours - more than 40%, after 18 hours - 20%, it is not recommended to drink two hours before sleep enuresis patients.Adults should be excluded from their diet of caffeine and other foods and fluids that have a diuretic effect.

4. Use "urinary" alarm.This method is rarely used in our country, but it is the main method of treatment of enuresis in children and adults in almost all developed countries.When the first drop of urine hits the sensor is sensitive to moisture (which is placed under the lower man in underwear or a specially made pocket in it) - an alarm clock vibrates, the person wakes up and can already proceed with the act of urinating in the toilet.This method of treatment of enuresis is used in adults and children 7 years and after healing of guarantees in 99% of patients.

5. Implementation of nighttime awakenings at certain times.This method is a good alternative to "urinary" alarm clock, it has repeatedly confirmed its effectiveness.

6. Conducting medical therapy.Drug treatment of enuresis in children and adults is aimed at addressing the problems that caused the disease (if found).So in infectious origin enuresis used antibiotics.If nocturnal enuresis has a neurotic origin, it is appropriate to use tranquilizers, such as tranquillizers with sedative effect, if necessary.Children with developmental delays, the immaturity of the nervous system doctors prescribing practices of a number of nootropic (Phenibutum, calcium gopantenat, pitatsetam and others).With a significant nocturnal enuresis can be used antidiuretic desmopressin preparations based on that slow down the production of urine at night.

7. Implementation of physiotherapy.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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