Enterobiasis - symptoms , analysis , diagnosis, treatment


1. General characteristics of the disease

2. mechanism of infection and symptoms enterobiosis

3. Enterobiasis in children: diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Enterobiasis -parasitic infestation of human (bot), caused by pinworms - helminth group of roundworms (nematodes).

General characteristics of the disease

Enterobiasis is the most common in the world of worm disease.One billion people on the planet, without knowing it, are carriers of pinworms.Moreover, enterobiosis also a very ancient disease, it has been known to mankind for thousands of years ago.

Ostritsa - helminth safest of all helminths causing invasion (infection).It can live for years in the human gut, eating its contents, and practically does not manifest itself.

enterobiasis most often seen in children 4-9 years, but, nevertheless, at risk of infection by people of all ages.

is important to know that pets are nothing to enterobioze children do not have.Ostritsa parasitize only in the human body, an animal

infect the child can not, but the child can easily infect your pet.

mechanism of infection and symptoms enterobiosis

Do not think that the infection affects only those people who live in unsanitary conditions, and do not follow the rules of personal hygiene.Infected enterobiasis easy even a very neat and cleanly person.

disease is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person.The first of them, unwittingly, "scatters" pinworm eggs on all subjects enjoyed, which touches.In time unwashed hands of a healthy person and a consequence - swallowed helminth egg.

eggs in the stomach can not live pinworms, so moving to the small intestine.During their advance the egg matures.By the time the larvae (eggs) reaches the colon, it becomes mature individuals.The colon is fertilized females.

parasites multiply just outside the rectum, especially at night.That night, when a person relaxes, especially relax the anal sphincter, pinworms easiest to get out.Creeping out from the rectum, the female lays in a fold near the anus by an average of 11,000 eggs and "seals" of isovaleric acid.Since then, the symptoms begin to appear enterobiosis.

acid released by the female, has the ability to cause severe itching.The man immediately starts to itch.Eggs fall on your fingers under the nail plate, with them on the bedding, household items and thus spread throughout the house.That is why almost always, when one person in the family is infected with pinworms, then it is likely that soon enterobiosis symptoms manifest in the rest of the family.

main and often the only symptom Enterobiasis - severe itching in the anal area.Sometimes he just gets unbearable character.As a result of intense scratching possible irritation of the skin around the anus and joining enterobioze secondary infection.Furthermore, there is frequently re-infection of human, which reduces the effectiveness of treatment Enterobiasis zero.

Itching may be present in many intestinal diseases, but, nevertheless, its existence - it is an occasion to be tested for enterobiosis to determine the presence or absence of eggs pinworms.

In massive infestations except itching may experience the following symptoms enterobiosis:

  • abdominal pain, flatulence
  • chair
  • disorders headache, dizziness
  • decreased performance, fatigue

These symptoms are characterized by frequency of occurrence, it is associatedwith the completion of each new "generation" of worms.

Enterobiasis in children is often asymptomatic and diagnosed by chance during a routine examination of the child.

Enterobiasis in children: diagnosis, treatment, prevention

diagnose the disease is not difficult.You just have to be tested for enterobiosis by Graham method.This analysis is called "scraping on enterobiosis" and its purpose is to identify the eggs of pinworms.It is carried out quickly and easily.Take the sticky tape is attached to the anus.Then under the microscope it is considered a mark on this tape.

Assay enterobiosis should take in the morning.And not to wash the eggs laid by the females, it is not necessary to wash away the child before going to the hospital.

should take three times, as there is a possibility of undetected pinworm eggs from the first time to obtain reliable results analysis method enterobiosis Graham.

peculiar enterobiosis analysis can be carried out at home.To do this, take a regular office tape, cut a piece of the morning, after sleeping attach the child to the anus.Then the adhesive tape should be glued to a small glass.After the usual magnifying glass you can see on the slides pinworm eggs.They have an oval shape, slightly flattened on one side.

There are other methods of diagnosis of the disease, but Graham's method is most suitable for the detection enterobiosis children.

Enterobiasis treatment in children (as well as in adults) does not present any difficulty.Almost all of anthelmintic drugs are good for the pinworms, and most of them do not have contraindications to the use, even in newborn infants.

usually requires taking one or more tablets of the drug to the complete disappearance of symptoms enterobiosis.But in order to avoid re-infestation doctors recommend to take the drug again in two weeks.These medications include: Dekaris, Vermoxum, Albendazole, piperazine, pyrantel, Naftamon and others.

antihistamine ointment used to relieve itching.

To prevent the spread of pinworms females can lay the child in the area of ​​the anus cotton swab smeared Vaseline ointment.This procedure is very important for girls as it significantly reduces the probability of getting parasites on the genitals.

main treatment enterobiosis not only the destruction of worms inside the body, but also the everyday hygiene measures to destroy them in an environment where a person is infected.They can perform both to prevent re-infection and to prevent Enterobiasis in children and adults.

Thus, Enterobiasis treatment is carried out following the implementation of sanitary and hygienic measures:

1. Mandatory hand washing before eating and after going to the toilet.

2. At the time of the child fingernails significantly reduce the likelihood of "dispersion" of pinworm eggs.

3. In no case can not be biting his nails, keep your fingers in your mouth.

4. cleaning the perianal area in the morning after waking and at night before going to bed - a prerequisite for the treatment of enterobiosis.

5. Every day should be changed underwear and bed linen, wash it at high temperature and iron hot iron.

6. The function of preventing the spread of the helminth eggs is performed as pants with elastic bands on the hips.For younger children a good way to prevent and treat enterobiosis are diapers, as they have just such bands.


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