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occlusive disease or occlusive disease - severe, permanent, progressive disease of the arteries.It leads to a complete closure of the arteries, disruption of blood circulation in the affected organ, the appearance of gangrene.In most cases occurs endarteritis lower extremities.


Causes The exact causes of obliterating endarteritis not installed.Most experts point to the development of the disease as a result of autoimmune antibodies that contribute to inflammation of the arterial wall.As a result, it begins intensive development of connective tissue and narrowing of the lumen of the vessel.Moreover, connective tissue presses the artery and the outside.

Many doctors note link appearance endarteritis of lower extremities with a permanent poisoning of the human body with nicotine, frequent hypothermia feet and excessive mental stress.

Symptoms endarteritis

endarteritis main symp

tom is intermittent claudication.It is characterized by the fact that the patient during walking is forced to stop after a few steps.As a result, revenues for the vasoconstriction of insufficient amounts of oxygen to the tissues of the feet, spasms and severe pain occurs in the calf muscles.After stopping the reduced need for the leg muscles of oxygen.This improves blood circulation, spasm and the pain goes away.But it is repeated at the resumption of traffic.There

symptoms endarteritis of lower extremities:

  • feeling of cooling down, which appears periodically;
  • excessive sweating feet;
  • feeling of "pins and needles" in the lower extremities;
  • blue and brittle nails on the toes;
  • dryness and pallor of the skin of the lower extremities;
  • cramps, pain during walking, then in a period of rest;
  • rapid fatigue when walking;
  • decrease artery pulsation, located on the back of the foot;
  • edema of the lower extremities;
  • formation of leg ulcers.

occlusive disease is characterized by progressive course cyclic alternating periods of remission and exacerbation.There are the following phases of development of the disease.

Phase degeneration of nerve endings.The nerve endings that are appropriate to the vessels, dystrophic processes.There is a slight narrowing of the vessel lumen, tissue nutrition has not changed.Although this phase of the disease is progressing, endarteritis symptoms is not observed.

Phase spasms of large vessels.Further lumen narrowing of arteries leading to the fact that collateral circulation system (bypass branch blood vessel) is not able to cope with the increased load.This endarteritis appear symptoms such as fatigue, coldness of the lower extremities, intermittent claudication.Usually at this stage of the disease begin treatment endarteritis.

Phase proliferation of connective tissue.At this stage, endarteritis of lower extremities appears decrease pulsation of the arteries, pain in the legs in the period of rest.This is related to a further development of connective tissue in the vascular walls and in the perivascular tissues.

phase of thrombosis (formation of blood clots in the veins).Develop severe symptoms endarteritis - necrosis (death of) soft tissue and gangrene (massive necrosis of tissues).

In the later stages of obliterating endarteritis vascular changes may be in many internal organs, including the heart and brain.


Treatment Treatment of the disease is able to slow its progress significantly increase the duration of remission, prevent the occurrence of gangrene.But the cure of this disease in our time is not possible.

endarteritis main goal of treatment - removal of pain, spasm of blood vessels, eliminate disorders of the nervous system of the patient.

endarteritis Complex treatment includes medication and physical therapy tool.surgery is used in severe cases.

Conservative therapy should be started at the early stages of the disease.

endarteritis Drug treatment is the use of drugs of different groups.They reduce vascular spasm, blood viscosity, expanding the lumen of blood vessels.

endarteritis in the treatment of the following drugs are used:

  • antispasmodics funds - Redergam, Niacin, Tifen, Angiotrofin;
  • agents that prevent the formation of blood clots - Trental, Aspirin;
  • adrenocortical hormones - cortisone, prednisolone, prednisone;
  • medications that slow blood clotting - Hirudin, pelentan, Fibrinolizin;
  • vitamins PP, C, E, B.

to improve blood circulation in the legs are successfully used methods of physiotherapy.The most commonly used thermal procedures, barotherapy (alternating exposure to low and high pressure), magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, ultrasound, hydrotherapy.

In severe cases of endarteritis, or in the absence of effect of conservative treatment, surgical treatment is used.

The following surgical methods of treatment of the disease.

1.Simpatektomiya - is cutting the nerve fibers that are responsible for the occurrence of vasospasm feet.This operation is most effective early in the disease course.Through the operation is significantly improved blood flow in the vessels.

2.Shuntirovanie - the process of sewing the artificial vessel bypass artery that impressed.This operation is most often used when occlusive disease.

3.Udalenie diseased portion of the artery - only if the length of no more than 15 cm

4.Operatsii microsurgery that restore patency of vascular spasm..

5.Udalenie field of dry gangrene.

6.Amputatsiya - possible foot, lower leg, the entire lower extremity.

very important to seek help from a doctor at the first sign endarteritis.Only in this way can avoid severe complications of the disease.


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