Erythema - Symptoms , Treatments


1. clinical picture and symptoms

2. treatment of exudative erythema

3. Prevention exudative erythema

erythema - an acute, infectious and allergicdisease with cyclic recurrent course.It starts rise in temperature and malaise, followed by the emergence of polymorphic eruptions.

There are two main forms of erythema - idiopathic and symptomatic.When idiopathic form of the disease is infectious and allergic genesis.The majority of patients in this case detected foci of chronic infections: tonsillitis, carious teeth, granuloma, periodontitis.

aggravation of diseases in the Spring and Autumn period of notice about half of all patients.Sick people are often young and middle age.

Symptomatic or toxic-allergic form of exudative erythema develops mainly as an allergic reaction to medication:. Antibiotics, sulfonamides, barbiturates, antipyrine, serums and vaccines, etc.

clinical picture and disease

symptoms Clinical picture of idiopathic and symptomaticforms of exudative erythe

ma almost indistinguishable.This disease is characterized by acute onset.On the skin, extensor surfaces of the forearms, legs, hands, rear, stop, people, and in some cases, genital and oral mucosa are formed symmetrical, fairly common skin lesions.

Primary morphological element rash - edematous spots with sharp edges, round, ring-shaped.The diameter of the lesions from 3 to 15 mm, color red or pink-red.On the edge of the lesions formed by the roller, in the center - the bubbles filled with serous or hemorrhagic content.Patients feel itching and burning.The spots may merge to form a figure with polycyclic outlines.On the lips, palate and cheeks are also formed blisters and erosive areas covered with a touch of yellow-gray shade.Sheath bubbles quickly broken, which leads to the formation of painful erosions.They can be collected in vast tracts of eroded mucosa.bleeding begins When you remove plaque.Due to pain in the mouth eroded portions ingestion difficult, which may lead to depletion of the patient.

rash may also be formed on the genitals, conjunctiva and in the folds of the skin, where they are weeping erosions and covered bloody or purulent crusts.The appearance of new lesions usually occur within the first few days of the disease, which is accompanied by fever, malaise, headaches.Typically, the processing time is 10 to 15 days and ends with recovery.In place of the rash may persist hyperpigmentation.

treatment of exudative erythema

Easy for exudative erythema treated by antihistamines and drugs, removing sensitive skin.In more severe cases, the disease supplement therapy with antibiotics and corticosteroids inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes.

lesions of the oral mucosa treated by rinsing disinfectants.On the blisters and erosions on the skin applied disinfectants and corticosteroid ointments such as fukortsin, gioksizon, Lorinden et al.

forecast favorable treatment of exudative erythema.In this possible complication of the disease is the development of extensive lesions of the oral cavity mucous membranes, upper respiratory tract, eyes, genitals, etc.

Prevention exudative erythema

Patients need to dispensary observation.Because oral lesions during exacerbations should follow a diet that excludes the consumption of hot and spicy dishes, it is advisable to eat only in liquid form.

necessary to avoid the factors causing the risk of exacerbation of the disease, which include the common cold, infections, drug intoxication.Recommended readjustment of the body and identify the focal foci of infection, especially in the maxillofacial region.Displaying hardening, administration of gamma globulin courses.It is important to eliminate the triggers, which include medications, herpes and mycotic infections.


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